By-election October 2020: Why it’s important, how you can vote and more

By-election October 2020: Why it’s important, how you can vote and more

Greater Danbury – For many Essexians, tomorrow’s by-election will be the first time they have cast their votes, and will be the initial stress-test of Essexia’s reformed electoral system. So, with all this in mind, here’s a quick guide to the 23rd October 2020 Essexian by-election.

Why is it happening?

Almost two weeks ago, the Rt. Hon. Zarel MP held the only seat controlled by the Super Shrek Party (SSP), which it won in the 2020 General Election back in March. Before that election (Which may now seem a lifetime ago), political strategists were unsure whether the SSP would either leave empty handed or whether Zarel would ultimately create a Government. While a single seat may seem modest against these odds, it was almost unprecedented in the Commonwealth’s democratic history for an outsider to have such a short but successful campaign. However, due to reasons undisclosed to the public, Zarel resigned from his historic seat earlier this month, announcing Jayden Lycon as his successor as SSP party leader and promptly leaving the discord server.

Therefore, a by-election was organised due to Zarel’s resignation from his seat, with electoral law subsequently mandating that a by-election be held on the fourteenth day following.

How can I vote?

After the 2019 and 2020 General Elections, the Parliament of Essexia has found that utilising the capabilities of Google Forms™ is the best route to achieving true democracy in Essexia; It minimizes voter fraud whilst keeping results clear, and making investigations into the vote quick and easy. As such, voters should familiarise themselves with the free, online software if they wish to ensure they are voting correctly.

I spoke with the Rt. Hon. Jamie MP, who is a member on the Electoral Committee, for further information on the poll. He informed me that all Citizens of Essexia (Legally speaking, you must have been 1. accepted as a citizen by the Ministry of the Interior, 2. accepted through decree or 3. live within Essex and have expressed interest in Essexia such as through following government social media) shall be able to vote from “8am”, and that it “closes [at] 10pm’. Therefore, if you’re a citizen of Essexia, you have 14 hours to vote for your preferred candidate, who are listed in the section below. If you are unsure whether you qualify to vote, then check with the Minister of the Interior (Rt. Hon. Jamie MP).

Finally, links to the ballot will be available on the Discord server, Essexian Instagram (@essexia_official), Twitter (@EssexiaOfficial) and certain political figures’ social media pages. The election will be advertised on these pages, and links will be easy to find.

Who are the candidates?

Candidate list produced by the Electoral Commission, ©2020.

In chronologically order of who has registered first, there is Jayden Lycon (SSP), James Frisch (UG&N, Rhino Alliance), Francis Schrödinger (Independent) and Rico (Rico). Strangely, despite the rise of the coalitions earlier this year, only one candidate belongs to any coalition, and only half belong to a party older than a month. Neither of the major political powers in Essexia at the moment (the Royalist Party and the People’s Worker Party) have put forward candidates, instead opting to nominate one of these lesser-known individuals instead.

Jayden Lycon is a new member of the Super Shrek Party after Zarel’s resignation, and therefore the spiritual successor to the seat up for grabs. He is a newcomer to Essexia, and has not yet had a chance to make his mark on the locals, although is renowned for his work in the Empire of Iustus. Regardless, he is seen to be a strong contender for the winner of the election. The SSP was created prior to the 2020 General Election in March, and has proved to be a party that follows a populist model of thinking, often supporting a liberal agenda and straying from traditional party politics.

James Frisch (Frix) is a member of the Union of Greens & Nationalists, another party that was created prior to the March election earlier this year. In contrast, the UG&N has proved controversial in their parliamentary record and their split from the Giraffe Concordat (In which they won their seat) to the Rhino Alliance. Frisch has been active within Essexia since April, albeit sticking to general conversation and civilian debate rather than becoming seriously involved in politics or the like. As such, his ambitions are mostly unknown, but he is seen as a trustworthy and charismatic candidate. He has the support of the PWP and by extent the Rhino Alliance.

The only independent running, Francis Schrödinger has been a member of the Imperial Army of Essexia for most of 2020, and within the armed forces circles has been an avid contributor to reform, debate and charm. He had strayed far from the politics of the Commonwealth, which is why his candidacy came as a surprise to most. Nonetheless, his experience with high-ranking government officials, can-do attitude and extensive use of posters have proved to create an efficient campaign, as only hours ago it was announce that he won our own pre-election polls with a landslide of over 50% of the vote. But only time will tell if these polls reflect the true intent of tomorrow’s voters. He has the endorsement of the Royalist Party and by extent the Giraffe Concordat.

Rico is an anomaly. He is mysterious and unknown. Few have met him, none truly know him. He announced his intentions only days ago, under the ambiguous Rico party. There is, quite literally, nothing else to write. He is a lone wolf.

So, to conclude, all citizens may vote in tomorrow’s election, which opens at 8am and closes at 10pm BST (UTC+1). There are four candidates, only a few of which have been able to show their true colours to an observant public. At the end of the day, however, it is you and your vote that will decide this historic by-election, which will ultimately affect Essexian politics for many months to come. Good luck, and happy voting!

Jack is the Minister of Defence, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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