CAe Systems completes Phase 1 of JAFA program

CAe Systems completes Phase 1 of JAFA program

Greater Danbury – CAe Systems has completed the first phase of the JAFA program, The Essexian understands. The first stage, which aims to complete the concept of Essexia’s first domestically-built combat aircraft, was completed as of last week. CAe will then move onto finalising the design.

What is the JAFA program?

The Joint Armed Forces Aircraft Program – or JAFAP – was unveiled by then-Minister of Defence the Rt. Hon. Jack MP last November, during the November 2020 MoD Keynote. It was presented as Essexia’s first domestically-built combat aircraft, suited to the needs of both the Imperial Army of Essexia (IAE) and Imperial Essexian Navy (IEN).

The program was announced as a 4-phase initiative on behalf of the contracted defence company, and a final phase on behalf of the armed forces. These were:

  • Phase 1 – Concept
  • Phase 2 – Design
  • Phase 3 – Prototype
  • Phase 4 – Testing
  • Phase 5 – Implementation

CAe Systems (the company contracted to work on the JAFA Program) has disclosed that they indeed finished the concept phase of the program last week. Whilst there are few specific details, The Essexian believes more information will be released at some point in the next two weeks.

The JAFA Program was unveiled in November, by the Ministry of Defence. Source: MoD.

What does the concept look like?

CAe has declined to release any specific details of what the concept design will involve, outside of acknowledging that “some alterations to the criteria have been made […] the final concept is a more simplified, but cheaper and more realistic, vision of Essexia’s future defence technologies.”

They have, however, given us exclusive access to images of a pre-final concept design for what will be the result of the program, the F-3A ‘Heron’ T.1.

What’s the next step?

In line with the pre-outlined phased plan, the next step will be the design of the aircraft. Again, it is believed that more details on the design will be released within the fortnight. However, from the early concept design, it appears the JAFA proposal will have only a single air intake as opposed to the planned dual intake design. Additionally, the aircraft appears to utilise a single dual-wing design, instead of a standard two-wing and two aileron one. This option is similar to the BAe Tempest that the United Kingdom is currently designing, a 6th generation multirole combat aircraft.

However, with a latest completion date of 2022, we can only be patient with our anticipation for a project that will fundamentally redefine Essexia’s future military strategies. But, we can rest assured that CAe is well on its way to completing the program.

Jack is the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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