Čechsexia joins the Commonwealth of Essexia as a Crown Dependency

Čechsexia joins the Commonwealth of Essexia as a Crown Dependency

GREATER BADDOW – This evening, the Parliament of Essexia passed the Čechsexia Act, incorporating Čechsexia into the Essexian Commonwealth as a Crown Dependency—making it the first time since the Decolonisation Act 2019 that the Commonwealth contains another constituent nation, other than Essexia itself.

Čechsexia – located in Prerau, Czechia – has broadly existed as a de-facto entity since late 2019, upon Francis Schrodinger’s entry into the nation. Recently, a wave of Czech micronationalists and Czech-Essexians have become associated with and joined Essexia, making the formalisation of an Essexian-Czech province inevitable. Demands for such an entity grew until Emperor Terry announced earlier this week that he had instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Interior Minister, the Rt. Hon Matthew and Jamie respectively, to work on legislation that would create a Czech dominion.

The Čechsexia Act is what they came up with—and it outlined the conditions and relations of a Čechsexian nation within the Commonwealth of Essexia. In summary, Čechsexia is mostly autonomous, except in regard to defense, foreign relations, and economy, achieving a similar settlement to the devolution arrangements of Scotland in the United Kingdom—however, unlike Scotland, the Essexian Parliament remains sovereign where there may be a dispute.

Tomáš Falešník was appointed as Crown Prince of Čechsexia, after several recommendations by Czech-Essexians.

Čechsexian flag

The Act achieved unanimous support with Czech Essexian MP, Francis Schrödinger saying;

This is a joyous day for the Czech people of Essexia. We finally have our own voice, our own identity, and our own country.

It’s the first time since 2018 that the Essexian Parliament has admitted another nation into the Commonwealth; the last time being with the Empire of Slough which was granted Dominion status under a series of reforms orchestrated by the Hawarden Administration led by the then Earl Finn. Previously, Essexia had incorporated other dominions into the Commonwealth, like the Funtime Republic – a nation spearheaded by the former First Minister, Chris, which voted to leave the Commonwealth of Essexia in 2019.

The most notable former Essexian dominion is Poplar Nerva, now a respected and influential micronation in the Grand Unified Micronational. After it voted to leave Essexia, the newly independent state was crafted by Archie Birch of Misberia and the former First Minister Jack, who now leads the nation.

It seems then, that despite former First Ministers Sam’s promises that “the dark, cruel and imperial days of Essexia are behind us,” – and Foreign Minister Matthew’s efforts – Essexia once again has engaged with colonialism—this time on less favorable terms, as it submits to the demands of, rather than embraces, a national movement that is fiercely patriotic and skeptical towards the Essexian regime.

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