Crisis in Uber-Esse – Newton von Uberquie seizes control of Uber-Essian Union through Emergency Powers

Crisis in Uber-Esse – Newton von Uberquie seizes control of Uber-Essian Union through Emergency Powers

International report — Less than a year after its formation, the Uber-Essen Union has been thrust into a state of chaos.

It follows the departure of the Lord of Esse, Henry Clemens, and the subsequent decline of activity that resulted. It also comes after the mysterious disappearance of Patrick Renwick, the Regent of Esse and MP.

What happened?

Late last night, Newton von Uberquie proposed the Emergency Powers Amendment to the Union Parliament, which was an amendment to the Treaty of Rema that would grant one of the Uber-Essen Lords’ Emergency powers by Union Parliament vote.

The Union Parliament proceeded to unanimously grant the Lord of Uberquiesenberg sweeping emergency powers, however key people like Henry Clemens and Patrick Renwick did not vote. Some international commentators have described the emergency powers as tyrannical.

Upon the passage of the amendment, Newton used his new powers to suspend the Union Parliament, and the Parliament of Esse, and declared himself the Head of State in Esse, replacing Henry Clemens.

Here was his statement:

To my fellow Uberessenbergers,

Today, on the 28th of February, 2021, the Union Parliament has granted me emergency powers under the Emergency Powers Amendment to our Treaty. Our nation, in the absence of one of its Lords and his Regent, is in turmoil. I have taken up the duty of preserving the Union by the only means I believe can resolve this turmoil; emergency powers. The failure of the legislatures to uphold normal governance can not be understated, and thus it is with a heavy heart that by the powers afforded to me that I declare the Union Parliament indefinitely suspended.

Moreover, the Parliament of Esse shall be suspended until a time in which the Lord of Esse returns. The Confederations of Esse and Uberquiesenberg shall be ruled by decree from Halyards for the foreseeable future. It is my firm belief, as your Senior Head of State henceforth, that this is the most positive and beneficial form of governance for our nation. Therefore, I shall be appointing myself as Gonfaloniere of Esse by decree. Uberquiesenberg shall remain relatively unaffected by these changes.

These powers will further allow me to integrate Uber-Esse with the Empire without the roadblocks of the legislature. Our relationship with the Wurtige Empire shall be greatly enhanced, which only benefits the Union while I sit on the Imperial Throne.

In respect of the normal citizenry of Uberessenberg, do not fret. Your day to day lives will feel no different to times before. Uber-Esse shall rise again, after this period of difficulty has passed. This action will save our nation, and we shall rise again.

Long Live the Union!

Your Emperor, Palatine, Viceroy and Senior Lord: Newton I of Uberquiesenberg

What was the international reaction?

Emperor James of the Commonwealth of Essexia branded the move as “tyrannical” and an “affront to the spirit of the Uberessen nation.”

His words were echoed by Essexian First Minister and GUM Chairman Jack Dean who called the events a “coup” and “disappointing.”

Elsewhere in the GUM, Vice-Chairman Matthew of Essexia, a delegate of Uber-Esse, supported the actions of Newton citing the amendment as a ‘necessary step to see the restoration of government in Uber-Esse.’ Poplar Nervan leadership has also supported this sentiment, and declared support for Newton through a press release.

What is next for Uber-Esse?

Other international responses, including from the Wurtige Empire, remain to be seen, and it’s unknown how most will react.

What happens with Uber-Esse in the coming weeks will also be closely observed by many. Whether the country falls into a further spiral of emergency powers and chaos, or the actions of Newton are effective in restoring activity, is less than certain.

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