Emperor announces his New Years honours list

Emperor announces his New Years honours list

GREATER BADDOW – Emperor Terry announced today in an Imperial Decree the recipients of the various honours bestowed this year for various services to the Commonwealth of Essexia.

In what has become an annual tradition, there were various recipients. The most notable include Newton von Uberquie and Finn R who the Emperor recognised with the highest civilian honours that can be awarded. Also on the list was Nicholas Randouler, the Posafian micronationalist who died earlier this year.

It is expected recipients of the awards will be able to collect them after the coronavirus pandemic when it is safe for the annual honours ceremony to take place.

The last time the Emperor authorised an award was in January, where he allowed the Rt Hon. Matthew to give Nicolas Millan an Essexia Cross in person in Chelmsford, which is pictured above.

Last December, recipients of the awards included Queen Becky and the Rt Hon. Jamie, as well as King Thomas of Hrafnarfjall.

More about the key recipients;

Newton Von Uberquie – a new Essexian statesmen who met the Emperor earlier in the year outside of a Greggs. It is assumed he received the award for appointing the Rt Hon. Matthew as his Vice Chairman in the Grand Unified Micronational, as well as his services to the Parliament of Essexia.

Finn R – a former Essexian statesman who helped to found the country. He was the inaugural First Minister of Essexia and held the role for over a year. His contributions in 2017 and 2018 were instrumental to the success of the country today.

Matt G – not to be confused with the Rt Hon. Matthew, Matt G is a relatively new Essexian, who in his role as Chief Data Controller has spearheaded the countries attempts to amalgamate its key data, including the citizenship register and early documentation.

Harley C – the first Essexian MP from the north of England, Cracky has helped to reform the judicial system of Essexia alongside Supreme Judge Jacob M. He also assisted in the creation of the Legal Essexian Database after the Essexian Legislative Review, which passed judgement over the compatibility of old legislation with the current constitution.

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