Emperor calls for election on 11th July

Emperor calls for election on 11th July

Greater Danbury – Yesterday at 22:45 BST, His Majesty Emperor James finally called for a General Election after a 4 month delay. The election, which was due to take place on 1st March 2021, was delayed by Parliament due to fears over the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is currently no clear frontrunner, and in fact it is unclear which parties will be contesting the election. The Royalists (who are currently in power) and The Greens have both announced plans to contest, but otherwise all is quiet on the battlefront.

What happened last time?

16 months before this election, was the 2020 Essexian general election, in which a Rhino Alliance coalition just about clutched a majority of 6 seats. They dethroned the Giraffe Concordat coalition from power, and fundamentally shifted the political playing field in Essexia. The 2020 election came just 8 months after the 2019 Essexian general election, in which a completely unrecognisable Royalist Party swept a whopping 8 seats.

What can we expect?

At this moment in time – who knows? It’s possible that the Essexian people could choose to elect the currently-ruling government (Which would be FM Jack’s first elected mandate as First Minister), or they could opt for change as they did so last year.

The government has faced scrutiny over it’s involvement in Hot Pink Friday, in which Emperor Terry was forced to abdicate; it’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Essexia, where they have given little advice to citizens.

2021 Essexian general election logo. Source: Ministry of the Interior.

Jack is the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and First Minister of Essexia.

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