Essexia and Uber-Esse meet again

Essexia and Uber-Esse meet again

GREATER BADDOW — Today, leaders from Uber-Esse and Essexia met for the second time so far. Present at the meeting was Newton Von Uberquie, Palatine-Viceroy of Uberquiesenberg, and Emperor Terry of Essexia as well as Essexian Foreign Minister Lord Matthew. Also present was former Essexian Jack D, now leader of GUM member state, Poplar Nerva.

During the summit, which lasted over an hour, the leaders discussed the Grand Unified Micronational and it’s potential direction under the premiership of both Newton and Matthew, the MicroWiki community, and the First Bus service that so troubles the county of Essex, of which both Essexia, and Uber-Esse in its most part, are based. The leaders had previously joked about eating Greggs at a potential summit, and so Lord Matthew and Newton both purchased a sausage roll.

This marks the second time either nations have met, however this time the leaders spoke face to face rather than driving past in a car. It also marks the first time in over 8 years a Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational has met his Vice-Chairman in person while both are incumbent — with this being only the second time it has occurred after the meeting of Jonathan Augustus and Jacob Tierney at PoliNation 2012. The leaders agreed that a sit-down summit in which formal discussion could occur, should be arranged in the near future.

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