Essexia and Uberessenberg leaders meet

Essexia and Uberessenberg leaders meet

The summit recorded in its entirety.

GREATER BADDOW – Today Essexian leaders briefly met with Palatine-Viceroy of Uberquiesenberg, Newton von Uberquie. Present at the ‘summit’ was Emperor Terry I, Lord Matthew (MP and Minister of the Interior), Adam F (Essexian Ambassador to the United Kingdom) and Ben S (Minister of Defence,) – and in the Uber-Essian delegation was Newton von Uberquie (former Abeldane Emperor and the front runner in the GUM chair elections) and his mother.

To call it a summit is a bit of an overstatement, as is calling it a meeting. Even ‘briefly’ does not describe the extent to which this was a short meeting, seeing as Newton merely drove past in a car while the leaders from both micronations exchanged waves. Nevertheless, this is an important moment in both Uber-Essian and Essexian history – for Uber-Esse this is the first time a meeting of any diplomatic capacity has occurred, seeing as the micronation is less than three weeks old. For Essexia, this adds to the list of prominent micronationalists the leadership have met, including Jonathan I of Austenasia, Emperor Adam I of Adammia and Nicolás Millán.

The exchange was hastily arranged earlier in the week. Newton, who already lives close to core Essexian territory, realised he would be driving past the Danko House – the residence of Lord Matthew and de jure Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Due to social distancing and time constraints on both sides, a full ‘sit down’ exchange would have been impossible. It was therefore decided that Newton would merely drive past the Essexian delegation and wave, making it quite possibly the shortest summit in micronational history, with a duration of 5.81 seconds according to video footage taken.

This also marks the first time Emperor Terry has met with a non-territorial Member of Parliament – after the March 2020 General Election Newtons party, the Union of Greens and Nationalists, won a seat to the surprise of some spectators. He was one of three in the 2020 intake who were not territorial Essexian citizens, and who had not met with the Emperor. This meeting changes that, even though the two didn’t speak directly.

When contacted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to make a full statement, seeing as this was not an official meeting despite the ‘VIPs’ present, however – it had this to say in what some describe as an important step in Essexia’s micronational relations;

“We are glad to see that Emperor Terry was able to finally see Newton in the flesh. Uber-Esse is an important ally of Essexia and we value their friendship.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

*This version has been corrected as of a 16:20 19/6/20 due to the incorrect spelling of ‘Essian’ several times. We apologise for any offense caused to Henry Clémens.

*This version has been corrected as of a 16:25 19/6/20 due to the incorrect spelling of ‘offense’ in our previous correction. We apologise for any offense caused yet again to Henry Clémens.

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