Essexian by-election’s 2021 – With a few days to go before polls open, who’s running?

Essexian by-election’s 2021 – With a few days to go before polls open, who’s running?

Greater Baddow – The deadlines for submitting candidacy to the Electoral Committee for the upcoming by-elections have now closed. There are 9 candidates running for the 2 national seats, and Joel N. is running against James Frisch for the Cechsexian seat.

Who is running?

Here a breakdown of all the candidates in the national election;

Seat 1

Terry TGreen and Cooperative Party

By far the most notable candidate in these by-elections is the former Emperor, Terry, who joined the Green party following his deposition. It’s a sign that despite being usurped, he’s probably not going anywhere.

Cristian DobrevNational Rifle Party

Dobrev is new to the Essexian political scene and involved in various other micronational projects. He’s taking a gamble running for election in a new party, against two strong mainstream candidates.

Emilio Emilio

Some Essexians may recognise Emilio as the brother of Rico, who ran for election in the last by-election. Whilst we don’t know what happened to Rico, we know Emilio is standing in his brother’s place.

Sam GRoyalist Party

Sam is a founding father who was present for the signing of the Third Constitution. He’s a smart pick for the Royalists, and probably the only candidate who has a reputation big enough to challenge Terry.

Seat 2

Finn R Green and Cooperative Party

Finn founded the Essexian nation with Jack Dean and Terry, and was its first First Minister. He’s hoping to make a return to frontline Essexian politics by becoming an MP under the banner of the Green Party.

Matt GRoyalist Party

Matt is an active contributor to the micronation, who has lurked in the shadows for some years in various less important ministerial roles. He is the Royalist Party’s replacement for Jamie M, who recently left.

Went LewisTraditionalist Anti People Who Aren’t Cis and Straight Party

Few Essexians will have heard of Lewis, however, she’s a renowned micronationalist in the wider community who is making her Essexian debut this election on a platform of banning homosexuality and transgenderism

Leon MontanEssexian League

Another outsider, Leon Montan, is hoping that the newly formed Essexian League will secure him a place in Parliament. He’s promised to abolish capitalism and stamp out corruption within the country, a bold promise.

Jacob OWeeabo Rights Party

The Weeabo’s are the oldest self-proclaimed meme party in Essexia. One might think it’s a meme gone too far considering they once held the First Ministership. If Jacob wins, it might happen again.


In Čechsexia, Joel N and James Frisch are up against eachother for the seat. Only Čechsexians can stand and vote in this one, so a more detailed Czech article will follow.

When will the by-elections be?

The by-elections will take place on the 1st of March 2021, and polls open at 8am, and will close at 10pm.

Anyone who is a citizen of Essexia or Čechsexia can vote in the two nation-wide by-elections, however, only Čechsexian’s will be able to vote in the Čechsexian constituency seat.

There’s still time to register to vote here.

It’s also possible to vote if you are not a citizen; so long as you live in the British county of Essex, follow at least one Essexian social media channel, are related to an existing Essexian citizen, or live in Essexian territory.

Who is set to win?

Although it’s now possible to release official polling data, the Essexian Post will not release its predictions until the night before the election.

Other estimates have the Greens and Royalists both picking up one seat each. This would be an awkward result for the two mainstream parties, who need to win both seats in order to form a government.

It could very well be the case that whoever wins the Čechsexian seat ends up as a kingmaker. This would be almost identical to what happened in the October 2020 by-elections, when Francis Schrodinger’s victory saw both of the parties scramble to secure his Parliamentary support.

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