#GE21: Royalists win two seat majority

#GE21: Royalists win two seat majority

Greater Danbury – The results of the 2021 Essexian General Election were released earlier today by the Ministry of the Interior, and our predictions have been confirmed; the Royalist Party of Essexia were able to secure seven of the eleven seats in Parliament, with no other party winning more than one each. This is the Royalists’ greatest electoral victory since the 2019 General Election, in which the party won eight seats.

Other than the Royalists, the Weeaboo Rights Party was able to once again secure its single seat in Parliament, whilst the Essexian League gained its first seat. Former First Minister Jamie made a return, winning the Colchester seat as an independent. The National Rifle Party was also able to hold onto the Čechsexia seat.

Despite what sounds like just another election, the 2021 General Election has been the least democratic in Essexia’s history – turnout consisted of just 14 votes, or 11%. In addition, due to the lack of candidates, only the six national seats were involved in the election. The five local or constituency seats only had one candidate per seat, who were all automatically elected without any votes. As a result, the Supreme Judge stated that he “will suspend full recognition of the freeness and fairness of this election pending further inquiries into the severe reduction in the quantity of votes. Until such time as these inquiries are completed, I support the use of an acting parliament according to the results as they presently stand.

Subsequently, the Rt. Hon. Jack MP will be invited by Emperor James to return as First Minister in what will be the continuation of his third term in the role, but the first time he has received a democratic mandate to do so.

We can expect to see the Royalists (and other parties) attempt to increase activity in Essexia, whilst reforming it suit a new landscape of politics. However, it is unclear as to whether the new Parliament will have the support of the military and judicial sectors.

Jack is the First Minister of Essexia, and former Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

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