#GE21: Voting opens in Essexia

#GE21: Voting opens in Essexia

Greater Danbury – Voting has opened in the Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia to elect a new Parliament. This comes over a year after the last general election, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, due to a decrease in activity compared to last year, this year has seen all candidates for constituency seats automatically become MPs, due to a lack of competition.

Voting for the 2021 Essexian general election opened this morning at 08:47 BST, when Minister of the Interior the Rt. Hon. Matt G MP released the ballot to the public. Alongside the ballot, he announced that “Due to each Constituency seat only having one person run in each that individual will automatically gain a seat and as such voting will only take place on the national seat.” The ballot will close at 22:00 BST.

How can I vote?

For some, this is easier than for others, but regardless all is completed through the ballot, which can be found here. So below is a list for the different options to vote:

  1. If you’re a registered citizen – Type your name in the box, select yes, and select your voting preference. On the next page, type your voter code (Which will have been dmed to you at some point by either Matt G or Matt S. If you’ve forgotten, you can ask the Minister of the Interior on discord).
  2. If you live in the county of Essex and follow Essexia online – Type your name in the box, select no, and select your voting preference. On the next page, select ‘Instagram’ or ‘Twitter’, and in the box below type your username for that platform. Please make sure you follow Essexia on that platform before voting.
  3. If you live in the county of Essex but don’t follow Essesia online – Type your name in the box, select no, and select your voting preference. On the next page, you can select ‘Discord’ and in the box below type your discord tag.

Essentially, the Ministry of the Interior just needs to be able to verify that you’re a real person through some means.

Who’s running?

As the MoI said earlier, all constituency seat candidates have automatically been given their seats. Therefore the following will automatically become MPs after 22:00 tonight:

  • Greater Baddow: Matt G (Royalist)
  • Greater Danbury: Jack D (Royalist)
  • Colchester: Jamie M (Independent)
  • Shenfield: James B (Independent)

Therefore, voting is the elect the composition of the national seats. The Royalists have seen the largest list put forward, and are clearly aiming to hold a majority in the new Parliament. Their list includes:

  • Alex
  • Becky B
  • Oli H
  • Terri
  • Tucker

Interestingly, both Becky and Terri have appeared to have abandoned the Greens, who put forward no list this year and are set to essentially dissolve.

The Weeaboo Rights Party has put forward Ben H, as usual, and Leon Montan is running under the Essexian League. Otherwise, the following are running as independents:

  • Isaiah B
  • John Lakes
  • Rory McPhail


The Essexian Post predicts that the new Parliament will see the Royalists hold a majority (or at least be the largest party), with the rest of the opposition consisting of independents. We hope to see the WRP return, but also doubt it’s ability to rile up voters to their cause.

Jack is the First Minister of Essexia, and former Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational.

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