Jack Dean beats Adam Belcher in historic win to become the next Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

Jack Dean beats Adam Belcher in historic win to become the next Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational

GREATER BADDOW – The Essexian Post has now projected that Jack Dean will become the next Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational after he has surpassed the 24 vote threshold required to secure a majority of all delegates.

It is a historic and unprecedented win for the Essexian candidate, who many had not heard of until as little as last month. Now – he has thrust himself to the helm of the micronational community, securing the Chairmanship of the most prestigious and illustrious micronational organisation in the world. He takes office on the 1st of January 2021.

Jack Dean and Emperor Adam I

The campaign has been one of the longest in Grand Unified Micronational history. Originally, it was just Jack Dean and Joey Kennedy battling it out – both candidates announced they were running on the 7th of November at the GUM Virtual Summit. Polling suggested that Joey Kennedy had a slight edge over Dean, however, the former dropped out of the race citing personal issues.

In his place, Cameron of Ikonia announced his ticket with Jonathan I. In what has become a notorious event – Cameron lost endorsements over his pick of the Austenasian leader, with former supporters citing their dislike of the more traditional candidate in an election that had been defined by a debate over reform and progress. Just two days after he announced he was running, Cameron dropped out of the race.

To fill the void – Emperor Adam I of Adammia, also known as Adam Belcher, announced he was running with Nicolas Millan. For Jack Dean, this was the most threatening ticket he had faced – two highly reputable micronationalists had decided to challenge him in what could very well have been the end for his campaign. Despite this, and the promising and detailed manifesto outlined by Adam and Nicolas, his support held up – and he has now won the contest by a clear margin.

The win is historic in several ways. Firstly, Jack is on course to receive the most votes of any GUM Chair candidate in history, even if his share of the vote is smaller than previous record-holder Newton von Uberquie. Secondly, it’s the first time that GUM heavyweights like Adammia, Austenasia, Wyvern, and New Virginia rallied around a candidate who went on to lose.

Undoubtedly, Jacks election is a sign of changing times in the organisation. No longer is it possible for a prestigious name alone to carry a candidate to victory – strong ideas and a bold platform is necessary to secure support. Despite this, to his credit – Adam embraced the need for change and followed the Dean campaigns lead in promising a better deal for Asian micronationalists in the GUM which was cemented by his choice of Nicolas Millan for Vice-Chair – a Hong Kong-based micronationalist.

Emperor Adam, a two-time previous Chairman, is often hailed as one of the greatest Chairmen in the organisation’s history – and with good reason. He has overseen the organisation at its best, and revived it in late 2018 when it was close to death. Indeed, it was under Adam that Essexia, and by extension Jack, was admitted into the organisation and his support was crucial in their rise. His defeat is therefore unprecedented and is a harbinger for change in the community. It is unlikely that unless they commit to more radical change, older faces like Adam will be unable to win elections in the GUM again.

The two have previously met in person at the GUM Summit. Adam is pictured left, and Jack can be seen in between Daniel Morris and Matthew of Essexia

Jack now leads a project more than a decade old and holds one of the most iconic and reputable posts in the community. What he does with his position remains to be seen. It is expected that he will commit to reforming the GUM to give it a new character – a promise that likely won him the election. How this will materialise is mostly unknown, but he has hinted that the GUM should be an organisation that embraces its roots in diplomacy, and more reminiscent of a multilateral, global diplomatic organisation that is inclusive of different languages and cultures, rather than being the elitist, western and English speaking body it is sometimes seen as being today.

Despite his clear mandate, it is also evident that Jack will need to make concessions to those that opposed his ticket. Adam Belcher received strong support, and support from high places. If he is not to aggravate or upset such people, Jack will need to ensure that he builds consensus and consults those that do not agree with his vision for the GUM before committing to change. This could come in the form of a Staff made up of more traditional faces, or it could be done through watering down his agenda. Clearly, however, compromise will have to be seen going forward.

Jack (blue shirt, aviators) at the Essexian Constitutional Convention earlier in the year. Essexia again holds the Chairmanship and Vice-Chairmanship of the GUM.

Regardless of the complexities, this remains to be a historic moment in the community. It is also the greatest diplomatic triumph in the Commonwealth of Essexia’s history – who have secured the Chair and Vice-Chairmanship for the third time consecutively. This time, however, the Chairman is the founder of the nation, and it is much more of a defined Essexian success than when Thomas Bainbridge or Newton von Uberquie, both Essexian citizens, assumed office.


Results are still coming in. The final result is not confirmed until January 1st, 2021. This article was written on the basis that The Essexian Post has projected Jack Dean as the winner of the contest – this is not yet confirmed, but it is highly likley.

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