Jack Dean officially launches GUM Chairman campaign

Jack Dean officially launches GUM Chairman campaign

Greater Baddow – Following the commencement of the GUM Chairman election cycle, Essexian citizen and MP Jack D officially launched his campaign to be the next head of the organisation.

His announcement was met with unprecedented and widespread endorsement—he has become a clear competitor in the race. His popularity among both veteran and fresh micronationalists comes as a surprise to much of the micronational community; until recently, Joey Kennedy had been the uncontested favourite to sweep the contest—however the reception of the Dean campaign and its manifesto has challenged this outcome.

Who will end up on top remains unclear. As of present, Dean has the endorsement of more than 11 GUM micronations, and has the support of many more delegates within the organisation and beyond. Joey’s support is strong too, having secured the vote of respected micronations like Misberia. Key heavyweights like Adammia and Abelden are yet endorse either side.

Here are some key comments from micronationalists about the Dean campaign so far;

I will be endorsing Jack Dean for Chair.

Henry Clemens, former GUM Chairman.

I’ve known Jack for a while now, and I can say without a doubt, he’s the most professional and kind micronationalist I have come across. There is no better person to undertake the important job of GUM Chair than him this election. I wish him the best of luck

Matthew S, current GUM Vice-Chairman

The Commonwealth of Essexia hereby officially endorses Jack Dean for the Chairmanship of the GUM. Dean is in the best position to move the organisation forward and has the most convincing and professional platform.

Emperor Terry I of Essexia, GUM Secretary of Events and Summits

The delegation of the Union of Millania and New Granada has decided to officially endorse Jack Dean for the GUM chairmanship.

Nicolas Millan

Čechsexia fully supports Jack Dean’s efforts to run for GUM Chair. I have spoken with him at length and I know he will be the best person to further the interests of the Czech community within the GUM.

Francis Schrodinger, Cechsexian politician

The amount of dedication Mr. Dean has given to this campaign is extraordinary, not to mention the manifesto was well written and clear.

Daniel Lee, Posaf

I’m sure he is the right candidate to vote for.

Lord Remus Peroni, GUM Austenasian delegation

With Jack Dean, things can only get better!

Cole Baird, Wegmat

I’ve seen your political campaign for the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational. Fantastic job on it!

Jayden Lycon, CA Chairman

You can find out more about the Dean campaign at dean2020.com

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