Newton von Uberquie becomes First Minister of Essexia in historic Parliamentary shift

Newton von Uberquie becomes First Minister of Essexia in historic Parliamentary shift

Greater Baddow – Today is one of the most historic days in Essexian history, as the First Minstership is assumed by a non-founding member of the nation for the first time.

Following his party’s victory in winning a seat in yesterday’s by-elections, Newton von Uberquie – known in Essexia simply as Newton – achieved a Parliamentary majority, after defections from Ben H and Harley C to the ruling Green coalition.

Late last night, outgoing First Minister Jack Dean gave an emotional speech where he revealed that he had felt ‘betrayed’ and admitted his second stint in the First Ministry had been ‘less commendable than [he’d] hoped.’  

Despite his claims of election fraud, and the fact his party had won the popular vote in both the national by-elections, the speech was a concession that his government no longer commanded a majority in Parliament.

This morning, after the three new MPs were sworn in, Newton asked the Emperor permission to form a government and was given the go ahead to do so – which secured him the office of First Minister.

In his maiden speech, Newton reaffirmed his commitment to manifesto promises, like a new Coal and Transportation Act, and green infrastructure projects. Notably, he also promised to clamp down hard on the military, saying that ‘the Armed Forces cannot be the only national institution with a monopoly on violence.’ This statement comes just weeks after the military deposed former Emperor Terry.

For the second time in less than two weeks, Newton also initiated a major cabinet reshuffle. He put Matthew S in the Interior Ministry, replacing Matt G; Terry T in the Foreign Ministry, relacing Jack Dean; Ben S in the Defence Ministry, replacing Francis Schrodinger; and finally moved Queen Becky into the Second Ministry, replacing Ben H. There were dozens of smaller changes too, including a reshuffling of several junior ministries and executive departments.

It’s a cabinet unlike ever before, and one which is as unprecedented as the July 2019 Royalist reshuffle.

There are also some fresh faces to the Essexian executive landscape. Jacob O and Sam G were both given junior minister roles under the Interior – both stood in the recent by-elections and are growing political forces in Essexia. Terry T is also back in the cabinet, but this time not as the Emperor in charge of directing it.

Old heavyweights have made a return too, with Matthew S heading back into frontline Essexian politics in charge of the Interior Ministry, and Hayden B re-securing his old job in the Ministry of Seals.

Why is this moment significant?

Essexia is now on its 13th First Minister in less than 4 years. However, 12 of these First Ministers had been founding members of the nation, who had contributed in various capacities since the beginning.

Newton, who only joined the Commonwealth as an MP just over a year ago, is the first FM not to have his primary micronational responsibility vested in Essexia, nor is Essexia his first or only project.

This is a scenario that the founding fathers of Essexia had sought desperately to avoid in the early days of the nation through the Preservation of Culture and Identity Act in 2018. This would have prevented Newton, a micronationalist whose primary activities are not with Essexia, from holding any kind of executive office.

However, this act was repealed earlier last year – paving way for today’s appointment.

Despite some hesitation about Newton’s appointment, especially in Royalist circles, it has been pointed out that Newton lives in Essex and comes from Chelmsford, previously attending a local secondary school. Indeed, in July 2020, Emperor Terry and Jack Dean met with Newton in Chelmsford.

Newton has also become the oldest FM in Essexian history at 22, beating Sam H’s record.

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