Race for the seats in the by-elections pick up as Greens announce candidates

Race for the seats in the by-elections pick up as Greens announce candidates

Greater Baddow The deposition of Emperor Terry as monarch has not discredited the democratic process within Essexia entirely, seeing as the upcoming by-elections are steaming ahead at full pace.

The two of the national seats up for grabs are being fiercely contested by several factions within Essexia, as the outcome could prompt a change in the government.

So far, the Green and Cooperative Party are the only people to announce both of their candidates – the former Emperor, Terry, and former First Minister Finn.

A graphic from the G&P part

While the Royalists have revealed that one of their candidates is current Interior Minister Matt G., their candidate for the other seat is so far unknown. There is speculation that Defence Minister Ben S. could be in the running following his appointment to the Defence Ministry on Saturday, however other senior members of the party like Minister of Culture Harry B., or Sam G., have not been ruled out.

Smaller parties are also giving it a shot, with Weeabo Rights leader Ben Hinton announcing last Thursday that Jacob O. would contest one seat, and there’s a growing sense that the Shrek Super Party will make a comeback. Independent candidate Rico, who formerly ran under Gang Weed, has also pledged to run.

Campaigning has been occurring heavily for several days now, both on the Essexian Discord (where Green and Cooperative campaigning is being focused) and through candidates on Instagram and Twitter (where the Royalists are focusing.)

Seeing as the winner of the contests will have a majority to form a government, both campaigns have adopted a tone reminiscent of a general election. For example, the Greens have pledged to create a Green Energy and Transportation Act, and the Giraffe Concordat (Royalists) have pledged to increase military spending. There’s little focus on the individual candidates themselves, although Terry in the running could change that.

The battle for the Čechsexian constituency seat has been much more quiet. Only incumbent Joel N. has announced his candidacy, and there’s a good chance he could run uncontested.

Here are a look at some of the posters so far;

Who is set to win?

Official polling is banned by Essexian law until 72 hours before the election, so getting a clear picture of who currently leads public opinion is impossible. However, assumptions can be made by looking at where the parties are campaigning, and how many voters they could be swaying.

The Greens have elected to focus their efforts on the Essexian Discord. Here, there are at least 50 eligible voters who we can assume are at least somewhat paying attention to campaigning. Considering the Royalists have made no active or coordinated attempt to campaign here, it’s likely that most of these voters will vote Green.

There’s also the fact one candidate for the Greens is former Essexian monarch, Terry, who enjoys exceptionally high approval ratings and is undoubtably the most notable figure within domestic Essexian politics. His name alone could give the Greens a tremendous boost.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t merit in the Giraffe strategy. Hundreds of people – friends and family – follow the Royalist candidates on Instagram and Twitter and are seeing the posters/ campaign videos being produced. One poster by Jack Dean accrued 40 likes. While not all of these people are Essexian, nor is their engagement nearly as high as those on the Essexian Discord, the Royalists are most probably reaching dozens of more people than the Greens. If this contest is anything like the 2019 or 2020 elections, such outreach is vital.

Despite these assumptions, it’s really too early to say who will come out on top. A modest prediction might give each major party one seat, with Terry’s seat for the Greens almost guaranteed. However, it’s equally plausible for either party to pick them both up.

The election is on March 1st, 2021, and there’s still time to register to vote here.

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