Rhino Alliance storms into power

Rhino Alliance storms into power

The Rhino Alliance has been revived in spectacular style today as the Progressive Workers Party has managed to bring down the ruling Giraffe Concordat after a bitter Parliamentary debate late Thursday evening.

The seismic shift in power resulted principally from the disputed status of the Electoral Reform Act which was passed into law on the 29th of May 2019. The Progressive Workers Party, led by the now First Minister Lord Sam claimed that the electoral reform bill did not require a super-majority of votes to pass into law, as it was not constitutionally conflicting. The Giraffe Concordat, led by the then First Minister Lord Jamie, cited Article 17 of the Constitution in making their case that the bill, which would drastically change the electoral process in Essexia, was unconstitutional, and would therefore require an amendment to the Constitution – something that would have most likely seen the bill fail to pass through Parliament.

The new First Minister, Lord Sam

It was when Lord Matthew, one of the Progressive Workers’ Parties senior MPs, pushed the vote last night that the situation rapidly escalated. Lord Matthew claimed that due to the principal of ‘Everything which is not forbidden is allowed,’ Article 17 of the Constitution, which states that Parliament must be elected for a one year term, did not specifically prevent ‘clause 3’ of the bill, which stated that extraordinary elections would be permitted – thereby paving way for Parliamentary terms less than one year, from contradicting the constitution. With the Supreme Judge unable to comment on the affair, the vote was moved.

During the division it appears Lord Newton, an MP then serving in the Giraffe Concordat under the Union of Greens and Nationalists, was somehow persuaded by the Progressive Workers Party to vote against the government by supporting the bill, which along with the surprise vote of Shrek Super Party MP Lord Zarel, enabled the Electoral Reform Act to come into law – the vote ended up being 6-5 in favour of the motion, the closest vote and greatest government defeat in Essexian history.

Seeing the desertion of one of their MP’s to the opposition in an already hung Parliament, the Giraffe Concordats position as the ruling coalition became largely unfeasible. Today, their worst fears were realised, when both Lord Newton and Lord Zarel officially confirmed their allegiance to the Rhino Alliance, enabling Lord Sam with a narrow Parliamentary majority to request the Emperor grant his coalition government, placing the Progressive Workers Party into power for the second time in Essexian history.

“I give permission for the Rhino Alliance to form government, with Lord Sam as First Minister.”

-Emperor Terry

The fallout from the incident is still settling, but what is clear – is that the hegemony of the Giraffe Concordat has been majorly upset. The former First Minister Lord Jamie, who had been in power since March, claimed the event should be called ‘Snakey Saturday,’ something the media and general public of Essexia have now widely adopted as the incidents name. Even Lord Matthew later stated that ‘[He was] not even going deny the snakery that has occurred here.’

Whether this will be a longstanding situation, or the balance of power will shift yet again in the next few days, is only down to how the Giraffe Concordat makes their next move.  But what is certain, is that Essexians will be able to cast their view in the ballot box on the 1st of July, in the next general election that has shown no signs of being cancelled.

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