Shock abdication in Abeldane

Shock abdication in Abeldane

Newton von Uberquie has abdicated the Abeldane throne, saying that he no longer had the support of the Empire’s founders.

In a statement, he said:

Hello everyone. Today I am afraid I shall be making a huge decision that, I shall not lie, I have somewhat been pushed into. I’m afraid I no longer have the support of the founders of the Abeldane Empire, and that makes my position as Emperor untenable.

I am a man of my word, and from day one I promised that if I was asked to abdicate, that I would. It appears that that day has come today.

I have served faithfully for one year and 349 days. It have served through thick and thin. I would like to thank everyone who supported my reign over those nearly two years of service, especially [Vorsitzender Patrick Renwick] and [Henry Clemens] who have been my pillars of sanity especially these past few months. I’d also like to thank both [Edward Daniels] for being the best Vorsitzender an Emperor could ask for, and [Connor Stumpereth] who I have worked closely with very recently and fondly enjoyed the company of. It’s been a good run.

Thanks lads.

– Newton

He exclusively told the Essexian Post that the abdication resulted from an internal agreement, reached at the beginning of his reign, that ‘if I was asked to abdicate by Steve, I would.’ He also told us that he did not take the decision lightly, and it came as a result of much deliberation.

For now, Newton, who is also an MP in the Essexian Parliament, remains in Abeldane after the accession of Emperor Nicholas, a former Abeldane Emperor. For Abeldane, the future is unclear, seeing as Newton was in power for almost two years. At a height unlike it has seen before, the rotation of Emperors marks another potential obstacle, but it remains to be seen how the state responds to the challenge.

The former Emperor of Abeldane and Lord in the Essexian Parliament, Newton

The Essexian Foreign Ministry has declined to comment on the issue, only stating that ‘Essexia wishes the new Emperor well,’ and that they would be ‘monitoring the situation closely.’

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