The United Office: what do the critics say?

The United Office: what do the critics say?

GREATER BADDOW – Yesterday, the first installment of Dean Networks’ first series was released on YouTube. The episode follows Lord Jack, who plays himself as the Minister for Coal and Transportation, as the designated survivor when the Parliament of Essexia is blown up, killing everyone, leaving Lord Jack at the helm of Essexian government. The series has been described by Dean Network as an entirely improvised parody of ABCs “Designated Survivor.” In the last 12 hours, the episode has already racked up 120 views, with that increasing at a fast rate, making it the most successful Dean Network premier so far. Here’s what The Essexian Posts film critic had to say, along with other members of the community;

“An accidental comedic masterpiece”

Filmed mockumentary style, the entirely improvised and no-budget first episode of the dark and surreal comedy The United Office has been a massive success, receiving universal acclaim from the intermicronational community; and it is all deserved. The chemistry between the entire cast, a group of bored out of their minds friends living in Essex, is absolutely perfect. Alongside the main characters, the supporting actors are surprisingly also amazing. The jokes are on point and remain absolutely hilarious and fresh throughout, and the exaggerated fast-paced action is equally as captive and entertaining as it is funny. In fact, the story ends up being one of the episode’s best aspects. The cinematography fits the mood of the episode perfectly; the fast-paced jump cuts and the quick handling of the camera at 60 fps combined with the improvised storyline makes it even more perfect, essentially nearly making itself similar to a mockumentary, and I mean that in full compliments. I would even go as far as to mention The United Office as one of the best satirical comedies I have seen in recent years, let alone in the micronational community. Dean Network was founded on 4 November 2018 and eventually began by producing news broadcasts alongside original entertainment programming. Dean Network went on to focus heavily on its production quality and released the first episode of EssexiaTalk, a news vodcast on 25 April 2020, which was met with high critical acclaim, although the second and third episodes broadcast on 29 April and 16 May respectively received mixed reviews. The United Office has blown EssexiaTalk out of the water, and once again proved Essexia is the micronational leader when it comes to television production. With such a huge opening, the next episode which has already been announced can be expected to be eagerly awaited, however at the same time this first episode may be very difficult to top or compare to.

Zarel Smith

It is art.

Emperor Patrick I

That was so funny!

Emperor Vincent I

That was fucking amazing


This deserves at least 10 BAFTAs

Princess Becky


Crown Minister Summers

Despite the mostly positive reviews, others in the community had mixed feelings.

not better than Anthony the Movie 2

James Frisch

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