Essexia has lacked a formal news source for the entirety of its history. The Essexian Post seeks to change that.

Gone are the days of misinformation and fake news. We are here to serve simply in your interest, that is – to provide clear, concise and unbiased news wherever you are, be it in another micronation, or Essexia itself.

This news source does not represent the views of the government of Essexia, Parliament of Essexia, or any other legal body in Essexia.

What is Essexia?

The Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia, commonly known as Essexia, is a micronation that aims to achieve the independence of Essex from the United Kingdom by gaining control of the whole county; at present, it governs a non-contiguous area of around fourteen acres. Essexia is officially a constitutional monarchy and unicameral parliamentary democracy, with power held both by the Monarch of Essexia and the Parliament of Essexia, the latter of which appoints the First Minister of Essexia. The monarch is Emperor James of Essexia, whose current First Minister is Jack Dean. On the 28th November 2020, the Crown Dependency of Čechsexia was incorporated into the Commonwealth, which meant the country was officially renamed the Commonwealth of Essexia and Čechsexia.

What is a micronation?

A micronation is a political entity that claims to be a sovereign state but is not recognised as such by the wider international community. Micronations are treated as distinct from conventional unrecognised states, although there is no widespread consensus within micropatriology over what exactly constitutes a micronation or distinguishes it from other unrecognised states. Broadly speaking, micronations are created and developed as a hobby, with their claims to sovereignty considered trivial enough to be ignored by the conventional sovereign states whose territory they claim; micronations whose ultimate goal is to receive international recognition as sovereign states are termed secessionist, and micronations without this goal are termed simulationist.

Essexia can best be defined as simulationist. Effectively – we’re a hobbyist group, who simulate a hypothetical independent state of Essex. Most Essexians partake in Essexia for the fun and social aspect, using it also to make light out of often depressing things happening in the actual world. Many of us are simultaneously patriotic Brits, who love living in the UK, and would never want to see the actual independence of Essex from the UK.

So unfortunately, if you’re looking to actually be involved in a real government, or are looking for a new country to live in, Essexia is not the place for you!