Bi-annual census reveals there are now 175 registered Essexian citizens

Bi-annual census reveals there are now 175 registered Essexian citizens

Greater Baddow – The Ministry of the Interior has released the findings from its bi-annual census, which has shown there has been an exponential growth in the Essexian citizenry over the past 6 months.

The graph above, produced by Rt. Hon Jamie M, shows the breakdown of the population by province. There are 3 primary sources for discerning the Essexian population: the original application form (61 citizens are registered this way), the new application form (83 are registered this way), and territorial residents (31 are registered this way).

It represents a big increase from the last census in May 2020, which recorded 86 citizens. However, this census was criticised for omitting the 61 citizens from the old register, which had been lost until recently. Hence, the graph of the Essexian population over time appears less linear than it otherwise should.

The increase mainly comes as a result of the newly annexed Cechsexian territories in Eastern Europe, home to both 4 residential subjects, and 10 others registered Cechsexians. In Essexia itself, the territorial population has remained the same, with Hawarden in Greater Danbury continuing to have the highest population of any territory at 5 people.

Essexia has always been renowned for its high population. Earlier citizens may remember that most original citizens resided in the village of Sandon in Chelmsford, UK. Many of these citizens remain in the country to this day. While an exact number cannot be definitively drawn, it is estimated that around 130 Essexian citizens reside in the cities of Chelmsford and Colchester in the UK, meaning it can be assumed that Essexia remains to have the highest local population in the MicroWiki sector.

The new Cechsexian territory in Prevov

Despite the fact that most Essexians now interact online due to COVID-19 (mainly on the Discord server, which has over 120 members,) around 80 of these citizens live within walking distance of the Emperor’s residence and the Danko House within Greater Baddow. Approximately 40 live within walking distance of Hawarden or Les Paddocks in Greater Danbury. This is a legacy from the 2018-2019 era, when most Essexian citizens went to school together at Sandon, or lived in families with a student at school.

As original citizens move away from Sandon onto university, it is expected that Essexia’s population will only get bigger as new citizens are recruited, and more connections are made.

Data courtesy of the Ministry of the Interior.

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