EAST announces Selene Project

EAST announces Selene Project

Greater Danbury – Tonight, EAST has disclosed to the press that they have launched a temporary mission in conjunction with the United Launch Alliance.

Essexia’s space agency, which was founded in August 2018, announced that they had used private funds to purchase storage on board this year’s launch of the ULA Vulcan Centaur, which will land a rover onto the surface of the moon ahead of NASA’s Artemis missions. Artemis aims to land the first woman and next man on the moon in 2024.

“When we found out we could do this, we jumped on it. I made a patch in around 15 minutes, purchased the space and am hoping for the best”, Chief Administrator Jack stated.

The mission patch for the Selene Project, a digital copy of which will land on the moon later this year. Source: EAST, 24 January 2021.

“As I said in my historic keynote,” Jack added, “back in November 2019, we didn’t have any plans to go to the moon. But when we saw the opportunity to put a piece of Essexia up there, well there really wasn’t any choice on the matter.”

EAST have added that they did, regretfully, need to donate a small amount of money to ‘MrBeast’ in order to achieve this goal of Essexia’s legacy on the moon, but according to sources within the administration, it was “a price worth paying”.

They have promised to keep us informed regarding the launch, flight and landing of the payload. Until then, we can only wait and hope that this is a precursor of Essexia’s future in space.

Jack is the Minister of Defence, Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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