EAST reveals new rocket design

EAST reveals new rocket design

Greater Danbury – Essexia’s space program, EAST (Essexian Aeronautical and Space Technologies), has unveiled their latest rocket design. Dubbed the Epstein Mk.IV (and Maxwell Booster), the new spacecraft is set to be built between February and July 2021. It will be able to reach altitudes of 760ft (231m), a whole 625ft (190m) higher than the altitude reached by the Epstein Mk.IIB on the 19th February 2020 in Essexia’s first domestic-rocket launch.

Artist’s rendition of the Epstein Mk.IV with it’s Maxwell Booster firing into Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) (Credit: East, 2020)

About EAST

EAST was founded on the 15th August 2018 (less than a year after Essexia’s founding) with the purpose of developing air/space craft for scientific advancement. Just over 2 years after it’s foundation, it has already had 3 successful launches and broken the 100ft barrier. In February, it is set to break the 100m barrier with the Epstein Mk.IIC, an updated version of Essexia’s first rocket.

But despite still attempting to finish it’s first program, Alpha Flight, the agency has already made plans for the future. As soon as Alpha Flight has concluded (Again, hopefully in February), the 6 employees will embark on Beta Flight, which seeks to reach 500ft and explore more advanced rocket technologies. The Epstein Mk.IV and it’s Maxwell Booster are one proposal to reach these goals; another is the Epstein Mk.III ‘Heavy’, which involves attaching multiple rocket motors either inside or onto the fuselage of a modified Epstein rocket.

CAD image released earlier of the Mk.IV + Maxwell Booster digital design. The fuselage is elongated and features another set of stability fins to accommodate for the Maxwell Booster first stage. (Credit: EAST, 2020)

When can we see it?

As said previously, work on building the rocket will not begin until at least February 2021 as the agency are still working on completing the Alpha Flight program first. However, assuming EAST stays on track, we can expect to see the multi-stage rocket being unveiled between March and July next year.

The Epstein Mk.IV will put EAST firmly ahead of its micronational competitors, very few or none of which have achieved neither a multi-stage rocket nor reached over 500ft. Only time will tell, but EAST has already proved to be a very capable and admirable organisation for the scientific advancement of micronational sciences.

Jack is the Minister of Defence, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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