Emperor Terry marches for Black Lives Matter

Emperor Terry marches for Black Lives Matter

CHELMSFORD – This afternoon the Emperor visited a Black Lives Matter march along with a coterie of Essexian citizens including Interior Minister Matthew, Earl Jamie of Molrams and the former Earl Jack. Also present was the First Minister, Lord Sam, who attended with several other Essexian citizens, however, the First Minister attended in a separate capacity to the Emperor. A series of other Essexian’s were also in attendance; notably the former colonial Prince of Nerva, Robin.

According to sources close to the Emperor’s Office, the trip was hastily organised and derived from a suggestion by Lord Matthew that Essexia should be open in supporting the public demonstrations in Chelmsford. There was initially some concern as to whether the Emperor and his coterie would be safe, seeing as social distancing would be limited and the march could’ve descended into violence as seen in London and cities across the United Kingdom. The Emperor himself however, upon hearing the suggestion, was determined on attending.

 The rally saw passionate speeches from black people and other minorities about the state of black rights and equality within the United Kingdom. Although not immune to past issues of prejudice, Essexia is a nation that has a substantially better record for equality than the United Kingdom, with all citizens being universally equal since its inception. The speeches still had a profound effect upon the many Essexian’s present, seeing as most Essexian’s are dual nationals and hold British citizenship. They particularly highlighted the issues surrounding so called ‘white privilege’ and the assertion that it is ‘not enough to not be racist.’ It was clear from the speeches that both Essexia and its macronational neighbour have a long way to go before prejudice and inequality is extirpated – black people still face immense challenges in modern society despite huge strides taken in the last few decades.

The Emperors attendance at such an event is unprecedented. It is rare we see such public displays of endorsement from Emperor Terry – a person who usually prefers to steer clear of any kind of partisanship. He said in a statement;

“I hope Essexian’s will join with me in deploring and condemning the brutal murder of George Floyd in the United States. This represents the barriers we are yet to overcome in our march towards total equality. It is a falsity to claim that this incident was an isolated one in a country thousands of miles away, and in a country that is more burdened by the issues of race inequality than us. Not only are the British Isles imperfect in many ways, exemplified by the killings of people such as Mark Duggan – but racism is the common enemy of all of humanity and we must work together to annihilate it. Black people are oppressed and discriminated everywhere in the world, particularly in the west, where there is still the issue of unequal opportunity and black communities being more deprived. It’s not enough to condemn racism only after there are instances of it – we must totally destroy it so there are no instances to condemn in the first place. I have heard stories today about the hardships still faced by ethnic minorities, stories and sentiments minority members of my government share – stories I would not have known about had I not been proactive in listening. Essexian’s must listen. Then, we must fight. It is our most principal duty to secure for our black, Indian, Arab, Chinese, Jewish and other ethnic minority citizens their unalienable and constitutionally borne rights to total equality, both at home, in the UK and across the world. We must do better to protect each other, there’s no excuse anymore.”

-Emperor Terry I on Black Lives Matter

The Interior Ministry is expected to propose legislation later this month to further safeguard ethnic minorities from discrimination, and ensure that opportunities exist for them in all levels of Essexian government.

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