Essexia cuts ties with Hrafnrafjall

Essexia cuts ties with Hrafnrafjall

Greater Danbury – On Sunday evening, Emperor Terry announced to the Commonwealth that he had used his executive powers to “nullify any bilateral treaties between Essexia and Hrafnarfjall.”

Just minutes prior to the announcement, King Thomas of Hrafnarfjall announced his intentions to consider “a treaty nullification” following the events Essexians have come to know as The Great Shag. However, before the Hrafnarfjallians could ‘reconsider’ their position with Essexia, Emperor Terry pre-emptively cut ties.

It’s unknown why exactly the Emperor took this drastic move, but it is believed to have been to prevent any Foreign dominance over Essexia – a power move to prove Essexia’s superiority. However, this is purely speculative.

What does this change?

Essexia held multiple treaties with the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall, including a Treaty of Mutual Cooperation – an Essexian formality with nations it wishes to seek closer ties to. However, whilst the move is a dramatic change in foreign policy, and sure to be a prolepsis of future reforms within foreign policy, for the average Essexian it changes very little.

Despite this, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged citizens to avoid travel to the Kingdom of Hrafnarfjall in order to prevent any issues arising from a lack of recognition between the states.

Jack is the Minister of Defence, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.