Essexia raises $200 for charity through COVID-19 relief fundraiser

Essexia raises $200 for charity through COVID-19 relief fundraiser

Greater Baddow – Citizens from the Commonwealth of Essexia have raised an astonishing $200 for charity over the last few days following a Parliament endorsed effort to raise money to help in contributing to the global fight against COVID-19.

So far, the fundraiser has accrued $200, or £145 – with donations ranging from £5 to £20. Including the family of Hawarden, over 17 Essexian citizens have kindly donated – helping Essexia do its part to honour Captain Tom and fight the pandemic.

The fundraiser, which was set up by Parliament on Tuesday, was established following the death of Captain Sir Thomas Moore. The Captain Sir Thomas Moore Act was passed in his honour, mandating that the Essexian government organise a one-off charity fundraiser with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross, a charity which is helping to provide relief in the wake of the pandemic.

With the fundraiser open for another week, it is hoped that the total raised will only increase. You can donate here.

The Essexian Post thanks everyone who has donated, or has spread the word – you’re all national hero’s!

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