Essexia – the reformation of a nation

Essexia – the reformation of a nation

GREATER DANBURY – There was widespread jubilation in the Commonwealth of Essexia when yesterday at 9pm the Third Constitution of Essexia was signed into law during a grand signing ceremony, in which 18 of the original founders of Essexia met for the first time in a year to mark the new era in our history.

Emperor Terry signing the constitution

The constitutional convention saw some 18 of the nation’s original founders convene in Lord Ben’s house to ratify the constitution into law. Notably, 5 ex-First Ministers attended; Chris Weston, Jacob M, Earl Finn, Lord Jack, and Earl Jamie – this is the first time that all the nation’s past First Ministers have been together at the same time. Present also was most of the imperial family – Emperor Terry, Princess Becky, and Prince James. Serval cabinet ministers were also there to show support; including Lord Matthew (Minister of Foreign Affairs), Ben S (Minister of Defence), and George S (Minister of Education). On top of this, various former contributors partook – including, Sam G, Adam F, and Harry B, who now runs the infamous Daily Meme.

The attendants of the convention preparing to watch Essexian comedy The United Office.

The convention also saw the swearing in of Lord Ben as the new First Minister, after Lord Sam resigned the post after only 4 months due to starting at university. Afterwards, the attendants celebrated informally – setting off a new age in Essexian history.

Lord Ben being sworn in as First Minister

After the second civil war in June this year, the Commonwealth was left shaken to its core. There were several weeks in which the country died, with little hopes of revival, following some personal disputes between key players including Lord Jack, Lord Matthew, Earl Finn, and the Emperor – leading to the total withdrawal of Jack, Finn, and several of their allies from Essexia, leaving the country with little hope of a future. Despite this, and the permanent departure of Finn, the country managed to heal and get going again, even when the end of the coronavirus lockdown and a subsequent decline in activity occurred. This enabled the redrafting of the constitution, to facilitate devolution and fix some of the critical flaws in Parliament’s power which originally enabled the extreme tensions that led to the civil war.

Examples of the changes include; bolstering the power of the Emperor to give him more say in general affairs, the codification of the powers of the executive, devolution for the states, and the creation of several state parliaments, the illegality of martial law, and greater civil rights.

An image of the ratification page.

Upon the start of this great era, Essexia has never been in a better position. We are a nation of over 100 people, most of whom are residents. Our rate of growth is rapid in almost every regard – our Instagram page has a following of over 300 people and is regularly engaged with by citizens and diplomats alike, our Discord server has a membership of some 100 people and continues to be active, and our legislative productivity has never been greater, with over 20 acts of Parliament passed in the last 6 months alone. We are thriving diplomatically too; Essexia continues to be an active GUM member, with Lord Matthew serving as its Vice-Chairman. The Foreign Office has also conducted a number of engagements with foreign dignitaries over the last year, with Essexian delegations meeting community leaders such as Nicolas Milan, Newton von Uberquie, Jon I of Austenasia, and Adam I of Adammia.  

Fundamentally, what this proves is that Essexia has a long way to go yet. We are still relatively young, approaching our 3rd birthday this December. We have already accomplished much, and have undoubtedly much more to accomplish. We may have lost a few faces along the way – but we have moved forward. The new constitution heralds a new era for us a nation, one of hope and opportunity.

As Tony Blair once said, “A new dawn has broken, has it not?”

The moment the Constitution was brought into effect. Top row from left to right; Sam, Jamie, Matthew, Terry, Jack James. Bottom row from left to right; Jacob, Ben H, Becky, Adam, Ben S.

The Essexian Post has been asked by the government to add that the reason for the lack of social distancing during this event was due to the fact that most of the participants already go to the same school, where they are legally mixing anyway. The other’s who attend different schools were not in the photograph and wore masks at a safe distance, and non-residential Essexian citizens were not invited to the event at all for safety reasons. They request that you continue to obey all coronavirus restrictions.

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