EssexiAir Premier League finds footing

EssexiAir Premier League finds footing

Greater Danbury – Just two days ago, Essexia saw yet another cultural development in its long history of such uniquities: The EssexiAir Premier League. The league is Essexia’s first professional football competition, and will take place later this year. Not since Essexia FC took on British teams twice in 2019 have we seen anything like this. In fact, a number of Essexia FC international players have already signed with clubs to play in the league.

The Premier League will be contested by clubs with a minimum of 4 players, which may be increased down the line. Teams must also have a manager (who can be a player), a name and a logo. Currently, there are two teams who have been setup to contest the title: Danbury United F.C. and Great Baddow Rovers F.C. However, more are set to appear in the coming weeks.

The logo of the league, which is sponsored by its namesake and similarly logoed EssexiAir. Source: EssexiAir Premier League.

The League was formed by the Rt. Hon. Jack MP as a way of bringing football more into Essexian culture, and as a sponsorship endeavour by his airline, EssexiAir. “I just think more people should want to be interested in the beautiful game, and those that are can’t see their own country playing properly [innit],” is the statement he gave.

What is EssexiAir?

Many may have forgotten, or never noticed, Essexia’s first airline on account of the fact that you cannot book a flight anywhere. Well, not physically. EssexiAir has flown virtually to destinations all around the world, in a variety of planes. Last year, during the first lockdown, two flights were flown for passengers in a discord call who just wanted forty minutes to relax. Both flights were considered an entertaining success.

As for the business itself, it was set up all the way back in August 2019. Whilst widely believed to have the best logo of an organisation in the entire Commonwealth, little else is often known. But they are considered a significant part of Essexia’s internet culture and business sector.

Essexiair logo 1.png
The EssexiAir logo, featuring it’s iconic side-facing lion. Source: Essexiair.

Why now?

“We’ve got weeks and even months until we can actually get this thing off the ground. Why not start now?” is how Jack, the league’s founder and the manager for Danbury United F.C., answered this question. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no games or practice can take place yet. However, the League is banking on restrictions being lifted enough in around two months to begin practice, and by summer hold the first league games. The winner will leave with the title of ‘EssexiAir Premier League Champions’ and it has been hinted that there will be. some kind of award too. Whether this works, only time can tell. But, at least we have something to look forward to.

Jack is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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