Essexian government is ready to use military force to enforce the coronavirus lockdown.

Essexian government is ready to use military force to enforce the coronavirus lockdown.

GREATER BADDOW – The Essexian Government has reiterated today that the military is ready for ‘all scenarios’ if civil unrest occurs over the continuation of the Essexian lockdown due to the coronavirus.

This is the twelfth week of the Essexian lockdown, in which Essexian citizens have been unable to go outdoors unless for one daily piece of exercise or go to work. The advice, issued by the government on the website , is yet to be updated. This has led to many Essexian citizens growing impatient with the rules, and the lack of any easing of the restrictions despite the decline in the number of cases across the British Isles.

The lack of movement may come as a result of pressure from the Imperial Household, where the Emperor is very opposed to any loosening of the restrictions and has this to say about the UK’s handing of the crisis’

The UK has handled COVID shambolically. Boris Johnson is a waste of space, and a lying toe-rag. He has endangered the lives of the many Essexian citizens who hold dual nationality in the UK, and for that, I will not stand idly by, even if I do breach protocol. Essexia has the best method for stopping the spread, that is, we imposed the lock-down, and will not lift it until the last case has been declared COVID free. That is the way the UK should have approached it too.

-Emperor Terry

Regardless of this, it is clear that pressure is mounting on the government to end the lockdown, or at least ease some of the harsh restrictions in place. When the Essexian Post reached out for a comment, Lord Matthew, a cabinet minister, told us;

‘The lockdown isn’t ending anytime soon. We hear the people, but our message is clear; stay indoors. If we see an increasing trend of people disobeying the lockdown, then we will not rule out any option, including bringing in the military to stop dissent.’

– Lord Matthew

The military revelations come after the announcement last month of a huge boost in military spending.

In a statement to the Essexian Post, Defence Minister of Essexia, Ben Summers, has claimed that new funding for the Essexian military will be coming ‘very soon.’

Summers, who has held the post since last year, has hailed a new era in the Essexian armed forces, and claims that the military, which has often been subject to financial negligence from the treasury, will be receiving a burst of funding to revitalise it.

The stunning revelations come after the military looked into ways it could upgrade the standard infantry uniform last month. The previous uniforms, which had cost in excess of $1000 according to the Treasury back in 2019, have come to be seen in the Essexian government as unfit for purpose. They were used principally for the 2019 Sandon Military Parade, and were designed not to be practical, rather, aesthetically pleasing. This has led to the Defence Ministry to panic as to what Essexian infantrymen would wear should Essexia be mobilised into a state of armed conflict in short notice.

Indeed, the rebellion of Shenfield earlier in the year, and the ongoing war with Morgz mum, has only proved that the armies unreadiness to clothe their soldiers in suitable military attire is a grave issue that could backfire on national security. The funding, the source of which has not been described, will be used to purchase a limited amount of highly modern and specialised uniforms, each with a customised Essexian badge and beret, that will be available for those that partake in the upcoming military drills in Greater Baddow when Essexian coronavirus lockdown rules are eased.

The funding, however, may have other purposes too, such as to fund the military’s endeavours to enforce the lockdown, which according to the government statement, is not a far cry from reality.

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