Essexia’s only aircraft carrier, the IEN Jaywick,  has just been decommissioned

Essexia’s only aircraft carrier, the IEN Jaywick, has just been decommissioned

GREATER DANBURY – Essexia’s first ship, the aircraft carrier IEN Jaywick, received it’s final farewell on Friday the 17th July 2020, marking the end of over 2 years of service to the Commonwealth of Essexia.

The decommissioning ceremony, held in the Paddocks Boat Co. testing dockyards, saw the ship sail for around 2 minutes, before being lifted out of the water to be disassembled and finally scrapped.

After continued use in the Essexo-Morgz War, and the immense heat it was subjected to whilst in storage, the flight deck of the Jaywick warped beyond repairable standards, and Lord Jack, with the consent of the Admiral of the Navy, made the decision to finally end the ship’s long legacy in early July 2020.

The Jaywick was the first ship of the IEN, and proved to the citizens of Essexia that not only was the government capable of the construction of a naval vessel, but they were willing and determined. On the 8th of July 2018 at around 8pm GMT, the Jaywick made its maiden voyage around the testing waters at Les Paddocks. The next day, Prince Jack added a superstructure to the ship, and tested it, only to meet success again. These early sucsesses ensured public confidence in the project and enabled funding to be sourced so that two days later, it was fitted with an arrest wire so that the R/C-02 ‘Raptor’ could land more safely, and to allow the R/C-03 ‘Bear’ carrier capability.

It was in late 2019 the project started to run into monetary trouble. Around the 20th, work began on fitting an electromagnetic ‘Tesla-Type Mark 1’ linear motor to the front underside of the carrier to act as a catapult, however on the 27th of August it was cancelled due to lack of support from the then Chancellor, Elliot B, who was embracing a period of austerity following huge economic downturn. The navy designed the cheaper Newton-Type Mark 1 SPM, but this too was cancelled due to lack of funding, which was seen as a turning point in the ships operational history.

Paddocks Boat Co. has maintained that it will build at least one new carrier for Essexia, with current plans for a prototype service carrier followed by a flag ship featuring cutting edge Essexian technologies, but for the moment there is now a gap in the navy’s strategic capabilities which many commentators in Essexia see as an issue.

More can be read about the Jaywick, the the IEN, here

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