Fears are mounting that a coup is underway in Essexia

Fears are mounting that a coup is underway in Essexia

Greater Baddow – There is widespread unease in the Commonwealth of Essexia following the refusal of Emperor Terry to grant assent to a controversial piece of legislation passed narrowly in Parliament.

The bill, which is called the Military Empowerment Act 2021, passed by a 5-3 margin (3 MPs didn’t vote, because of the upcoming by-elections). It would enable the military to trigger martial law without the consent of Parliament, the First Minister, or the Emperor. Despite fierce criticism, including from a host of Essexia’s foreign ambassadors, 4 former First Ministers, and the Green and Cooperative Party, the bill achieved the majority required to pass.

Despite this, in what has been described as an unprecedented move, the Emperor has refused to grant assent to the bill citing its unconstitutionality. He claimed in Parliament that he would never allow the ‘devilish forces of despotism to engulf our sacred democracy,’ and that he saw the bill as ‘unconstitutional and immoral.’ It’s the first time in the almost 4 year history of the Commonwealth that the Emperor has exercised his veto for Parliamentary legislation.

But by no means is this bill dead. Although it’s not law yet, it has the backing of the military, who responded to the Emperors statement saying that they were “poised and ready” to reject the veto. The Supreme Judge, Jacob M., branded the veto as ‘disgraceful and damming of the institution of monarchy in Essexia.’ The military declared martial law, though the legality of this is disputed.

Essexia remains in a tense standoff. Leaks to the Essexian Post from the military’s Discord server confirmed that the high command is in the preliminary stages of launching a legislative and military attack against Emperor Terry. Any efforts they make would have the support of the majority of Parliament.

What makes the situation more worrying for the Emperor, is that his heir presumptive, King James, has publicly sided with the military and endorsed the bill. Should an attack be made against his Emperorship, the military has a legitimate candidate to replace Terry with. In all the military challenges in Essexia’s history, this has never been the case before.

In preparation for any upcoming conflict, the Interior Ministry has locked access to the Imperial Archives and citizenship data. The Media Ministry has taken similar action, and now only the Minister of Media himself has access to the social media channels to prevent Essexian social media from being hijacked like in the 2018 civil war. Neither ministries have taken a side, though.

Perhaps most worryingly, all 22 active frontline personal have pledged allegiance to Defence Minister Francis Schrodinger, over Emperor Terry.

Defence Minister Francis Schrödinger who is spearheading the military efforts

Stability and peace within the Commonwealth hangs by a thread. Unless the Emperor agrees to assent the bill, it’s difficult to see how he’ll be able to resist moves to challenge his rule. One route he and his supporters could take could be through the courts, but the bar and the Supreme Justices have had a historical affinity with previous military challenges making any legal challenge unlikely to work.

The country tensely awaits the next moves of the military – the ball is undoubtedly in their court.

Whose side is everyone on?

Key officials who have publically endorsed the Emperor’s position;

  • Emperor Terry
  • Queen Becky of Chelmsford, MP, Minister of Education
  • Rt Hon. Matthew S, MP, Minister of Media
  • Rt Hon. Newton, MP, Minister of the Environment
  • Prince Danny, Emperor’s brother
  • Prince Robin of Nerva, former Prince of Nerva
  • Jamie M, former First Minister
  • Finn R, former First Minister
  • Sam H, former First Minister
  • Christopher W, former First Minister
  • Gumla, ambassador to Kuwait
  • Carlson, ambassador to the Netherlands
  • Adam, ambassador to the UK
  • Anders S, ambassador to Norway
  • Jacob O, Weeabo Rights Party official

Key officials who have publically endorsed the Military’s position;

  • King James of Colchester
  • Jacob M, Supreme Judge
  • Rt Hon. Ben H, MP, First Minister
  • Rt Hon. Jack Dean, MP, former First Minister, Foreign Minister
  • Matt G, Minister of Interior
  • Rt Hon. Francis Schrödinger, MP, Minister of Defence
  • Prince Alex, MP, Minister of Health
  • Rt Hon. Harley C, MP, Minister of Justice
  • Harry B, former MP, ambassador to Israel
  • George S, former MP
  • Sam G, founding father
  • Ben S, former MP, founding father
  • Elliot B, former MP
  • All 22 active frontline military personal

Key officials who have publically endorsed no position;

  • Joel N, former MP
  • Crown Prince Tomas
  • William Wilson, Supreme Judge
  • Mai-Y, former Minister of Culture

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