First elections for the new Essexian Crown-Dependency

First elections for the new Essexian Crown-Dependency

ČECHSEXIA – Today is a great day for the newborn Crown Dependency of Čechsexia, as it’s first parliament, or “Pub” as Čechsexians have dubbed it, has been assembled.

Elections have taken place, which is the first step towards a functioning democracy for the other, more unknown, country of the Commonwealth. Since the day Crown Prince announced the election and put the first Chief Minister at the helm of the electoral committee, the Čechsexian people expressed a huge interest in the “pub”. 75% of Čechsexians ran for the prestigious first pub and 80% of eligible voters cast their opinions on what is a historic day for both the Essexia and Čechsexia.

It marks the first time since the independence referendum of the Funtime Republic in 2019 that there has been a democratic exercise in a Crown Dependency within the Commonwealth.

The final results, as announced by the Crown Prince as of 19:15 BST:

The results of the Čechsexian Pub election as confirmed by the electoral committee:

  • 1st – Joel (17 votes)
  • 2nd – Nicholas Göth (16 votes)
  • 3rd – Jakub Václav (13 votes)
  • 4th – JanStastny (9 votes)
  • 5th – Kutnix (5 votes)
  • 6th – Eric 22 (0 votes)

As a result of the elections, the Crown Prince announced that he will be appointing Joel as his new Chief Minister. What this spells for the Čechsexian political landscape remains to be seen, however the previous Chief Minister gave us his personal opinion:

It was hard to make this happen, but I am overall very happy with how the elections turned out. I also have to congratulate and wish luck to my successor, Joel, as he was appointed Chief Minister of Čechsexia.

Rt. Hon. Francis S. – previous Chief Minister of Čechsexia.

What the future holds for Čechsexia may remain unknown as of now, but we all wish the best to the newest addition to the Commonwealth.

This article was written by the Rt Hon Franics S on behalf of the Essexian Post

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