First televised political debate in Essexian history to be aired tomorrow

First televised political debate in Essexian history to be aired tomorrow

GREATER BADDOW—The Essexian Post can exclusively reveal that tomorrow, a debate between the two opposing ideologs in Essexia, Rt Hon. Matthew MP and Rt Hon. Jack MP,  will take place before a by-election in the Rt Hon. Zarel Smith’s seat next month.

The debate was organised secretly between the Progressive Workers Party, of which Matthew is the leader, and Turning Point Essexia, where Queen Becky is the leader, and Jack is the spokesperson.

It follows the resignation of Zarel from Parliament at midnight tonight, which will open up a seat in Parliament which could change the government of the country, seeing as Parliament is already hung and any new member could destroy the government’s loosely assembled coalition.

Jack had hinted on his Twitter earlier in the week that a televised confrontation with Matthew would occur following their public dispute over the 9th Imperial Decree.

The now deleted tweet by Jack on his official account

Both are ideological opposites in Essexia, with Matthew often being described as the figure of the left wing, and Jack the right wing. We presume that the two candidate’s willingness to keep this behind closed doors was to isolate the more moderate voices in the nation who could have partaken in the debate, like Royalist leader Jamie M, and Weeabo Rights leader and First Minister Ben H. This will be a battle between the extremes.

The two candidates pictured today in Chelmsford High Street, on their way to attend cabinet. It is often forgotten the two are still ministers in the same government despite their differences.

It was announced that Supreme Justice Jacob M will host the debate, with the rules and format similar to the recent US presidential debates. The candidates will be asked to give a speech on six topics which include Imperial Decree IX, the economy, foreign policy, coronavirus, independence and the judiciary.

The debate will take place at the Danko House and will be aired on Dean Network at some point tomorrow late afternoon, with the exact time yet to be disclosed. The Essexian Post has been informed the candidates will be at a safe distance from each other and the reduced camera crew will wear face coverings, with there being no more than six people in the studio—due to UK COVID-19 rules.

Without doubt, whoever emerges victorious in this debate, will be in a better position to win the by-election next month. It is in both candidates interests to do so, as it could thrust either one of them into the Office of First Minister. They would be replacing coalition leader Ben H who has been described by Matthew as “as incompetent as James Buchanan at his worst” and by Jack as “a useless weeb.”

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