Francis Schrödinger set for a landslide on the eve of tomorrows by-election

Francis Schrödinger set for a landslide on the eve of tomorrows by-election

A poll commissioned by The Essexian Post has revealed that Francis Schrodinger, independent, is the clear favorite to win tomorrow’s by-election in the former Lord Zarel’s seat.

The poll is clearly an upset for the Shrek Super Party, led by Leon Monton, who is only projected to receive 12%. Likewise, it’s a shock for the Union of Greens and Nationalists, led by Newton von Uberquie – who many political commentators saw as the favorite to pick up the seat.

Francis Schrödinger was endorsed by the Rt Hon. Jack MP and Royalist Party leader Queen Becky after their withdrawal from the contest, following the withdrawal of the Progressive Workers Party who sought to unite behind the Union of Greens and Nationalists.

The turnout tomorrow is expected to be high, perhaps the highest in Essexian history, with over 200 people eligible to vote. In the March 2020 Essexian general election, 176 people voted, which was in itself a record – now citizenship has increased further and engagement in Essexia is high. Despite predictions, most voters will continue to be what the Interior Ministry calls “RIFs,” or residential, Instagram followers (who make up most of the Essexian citizenry.) Discord based voters, where the wider micronational community engages with Essexia, are expected to increase too.

The poll was the first of its kind for Essexia and The Essexian Post, and was shared to Discord users with the question “If the by-election were held tonight, which candidate would you vote for?” There were 40 respondents.

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