Harley C becomes a member of the Essexian Parliament

Harley C becomes a member of the Essexian Parliament

THE NORTH OF ENGLAND—Progressive Worker Party member and former Minister of the Interior Harley C was appointed to replace the outgoing Rt Hon. Elliot B as an MP in the Parliament of Essexia.

It comes after Elliot gave notice to PWP leader Matthew S of his intention to resign as a result of prioritising upcoming school commitments over his Essexian activities.

To avoid a by-election from taking place, Matthew asked the Emperor to decree the change for simplicity and to avoid a clash with the upcoming by-election for Zarel Smith’s seat. Despite some resistance from the Interior Ministry, led by Jamie M, and Turning Point Essexia, led by Queen Becky, the Emperor facilitated the move and allowed Harley to take the post without being elected.

Who is Harley?

Harley first became active in Essexia between April and May 2020 after being introduced to the micronation by his friend and Daily Memer, Harry B.

A student of law, alongside Supreme Justice Jacob and Jack D, he developed an interest in developing the nation’s legal and legislative systems, prominently displayed by his work in the Essexian Legislative Review. His first solo Bill, the Brothels Act 2020, displayed his ability at creating and passing clear, effective, and original legislation, a skill no doubt aided by his close cooperation with the Supreme Judge.

Harley was made Minister of Justice on the 3rd of June 2020 after Jacob M moved to the position of Supreme Judge. In his first action as Crown Minister, Harley created the Delegated Legislation Act 2020. On the 20th of June 2020 Harley named his Junior Minister as Earl Jamie to assist in the creation of a fuller and more efficient judicial system.

On the 9th of July 2020 Harley was appointed the role of Minister of the Interior, replacing his party leader, Matthew. As such he resigned as Minister of Justice then being replaced by Earl Jamie. He would resign this position after less than a month following controversy over his failed “Bollock Cam Act.”

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