James Frisch appointed as Daily Memer

James Frisch appointed as Daily Memer

Greater Baddow – Today the leadership of the oldest institution in Essexia changed guard for the first time in over two years, after James Frisch replaced Harry B as the Daily Memer.

The Daily Meme is a venue in Essexia used for posting memes of significant cultural importance, which are then rated in a separate channel by Essexians on a scale from 1-11, with 9/11 being the highest score attainable. The platform has existed since 2016, being founded during the Essexit movement from which Essexia emerged, making it the oldest institution which has survived in the country.

The decision to install Frisch was taken by Emperor Terry at 6pm today after a series of complaints from various Essexians over the course of several months about the deteriorating upload quality and frequency of Harry, who is also Essexian Ambassador to Israel.

Upon becoming the 3rd Daily Memer in Essexian history, Frisch proclaimed “I have done it, I have become the Daily Memer,” beginning what is presumed will be a career as long as his predecessor.  

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