James Frisch resigns as Daily Memer

James Frisch resigns as Daily Memer

Greater Baddow – After replacing Harry B as Daily Memer earlier today, James Frisch has resigned his post after less than a minute of incumbency.

Frisch cited the overwhelming responsibility of the office as the reason behind his change of heart, saying at 18:52 BST, a mere 30 seconds after he had been appointed – “on second thought this is not for me, good bye.”

Following his resignation, the Emperor provisionally reinstated Harry B as Daily Memer – before calling elections to the post in the near future. Upon his reinstatement to the office, Harry said that he would “probably post a meme, maybe not” – before posting a meme that was universally labelled as bad and unfunny by his ever disgruntled audience.

Frisch’s resignation is certainly an upset to the aging Essexian institution, whose 4-year existence has now been thrust into deep uncertainty.

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