Lord Jack removed from the Chamber in heated discussion over Essexia’s Patron Saint

Lord Jack removed from the Chamber in heated discussion over Essexia’s Patron Saint

Today in Parliament

Today’s discussion in parliament was chiefly about the position of Patron Saint of Essexia, a position currently held by Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of the radio who resided in Chelmsford while he made his name in the scientific world, however some MPs chiefly those in the Progressive Workers Party brought up his membership of the Italian Fascist League and his birthplace outside of the Essex region as points counter to the spirit of the position. During the brief amount of time that civil discourse took place, the PWP proposed 2 potential replacements:

First Minister Sam proposed Queen Boudica of the Celts, however some concerns were raised about her potentially not being born in Essex but rather Norfolk or Suffolk.

Lord Matthew proposed Wat Tyler, leader of the 1341 Peasants revolt which took place in Essex, however there were some concerns that he was born in Kent.

The main opposition tot he changing of the saint was from the opposition (Consisting of Lord Jamie of the Royalists and Lord Jack of Turning Point Essexia) who insisted that Marconi was far more culturally significant than the other proposed, and also that his membership to the Italian fascist party was irrelevant, with this conversation taking place in the chamber:

It appears you wish to expel him as you are more concerned with left/right political leanings than an individual’s positive contributions.

Lord Jack

Marconi didn’t let jews work with him, that’s not left or right wing!

Marconi was literally on Mussolini’s Grand Council of Fascism

Lord Matthew

and jesus supported the horrors of the bible what is your point?

Lord Jamie

We shouldn’t make Jesus our patron saint either

Lord Matthew

The opposition then claimed that Lord Matthew had supported the introduction of Marconi as the patron saint, but no evidence was produced supporting either side in this argument, however one claim that was proved false was Lord Matthews Claim that Lord Jack was a member of the Essexian Union of Fascists at the time Marconi was marked as Patron Saint. This was quickly proved false when Lord jack provided proof that Marconi was the Patron Saint 6 months before the formation of the EUF.

Shortly after this Lord Jack was temporarily removed from the chamber after a heated exchange with the Speaker, this being the first removal of an MP due to unparliamentary procedure since the previous election cycle.

The Second instance of Lord Jack having an altercation with the speaker within just 20 minutes

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