Lord Zarel announces his departure from Essexia next year

Lord Zarel announces his departure from Essexia next year

GREATER BADDOW – The Essexian Post can exclusively reveal today that government minister and MP, Lord Zarel, will be leaving the Commonwealth of Essexia after almost a year of citizenship and service.

The announcement comes after Lord Zarel, also involved in allied micronations such as Abelden and New Eiffel, has made clear his intention to depart the micronational community sometime next year.

In a statement to the Essexian Post, he said;

“I really love my job in Essexia, and despite me working towards taking a break from the community I am definitely planning on staying very active and hardworking in Essexia, at least until I leave on 1 January next year or until my term ends. Despite my somewhat satirical approach to Essexian politics — as well as minor controversies — I love being the Minister of Culture, and am currently planning with the Minister of Media possible ideas for an Essexian awards show of some sort, and am also currently looking into the music industry. Me leaving other positions (although by no means less important ones) will equal out my time for my micronational career and education, and I will spend equal if not more time on Essexia. Long live Shrek, and long live Essexia!”

Lord Zarel

The comments come in the wake of his resignation as Prince of New Eiffel, his native micronation. Zarel has implied elsewhere he is stepping down from all of his micronational duties, including being an admin on micronational encyclopaedia MicroWiki.

Zarel has been involved in Essexia since around September last year. His formation of the Shrek Super Party of Essexia in February 2020 came as a shock to political forces in the nation, who anticipated the party would attract much of the youth vote which constitutes the majority of the Essexian electorate. During the campaign, the party received the most media attention, with their campaign video being viewed almost 250 times across all Essexian social media platforms.

In the March 2020 general election, the party received 13 votes (8.7%) – a lower figure than anticipated due to the sudden competition with rival satirical party Gang Weed, who secured 4% of the vote. However, it enabled Zarel to obtain a seat in the Essexian Parliament, making him alongside Newton von Uberique and Prince Alex, the first non-territorial Essexian citizens to hold office in the Essexian legislature. The hung Parliament meant that the Liberal Socialists and Royalists, who won 5 seats, were forced to form a coalition with Zarel in order to achieve government – in return for this Zarel became the Minister for Culture, becoming the 4th person to hold the role and thrusting him into the centre of Essexian government.

Zarel’s biggest controversy in Essexia came in May 2020. The events of Snakey Saturday saw Zarel help Lord Matthew collapse the ruling coalition in a coup which resulted in the usurping of Lord Jamie as First Minister. These events have been called by some as the trigger factor for the subsequent secession of Greater Danbury, in which Lord Jack, supported by the Old Guard party, declared independence from Essexia.

His departure comes as a huge blow to the Rhino Alliance, who were counting on the relative popularity of the Shrek Super Party for the next election. Zarel will depart Parliament on the 1st of March 2021, and thus also relinquish his role as Minister of Culture.

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