Major changes announced to the Essexian Ministry of Justice and Supreme Court

Major changes announced to the Essexian Ministry of Justice and Supreme Court

SHENFIELD – Earlier today at 16:57 GMT, Jacob M made the conscious decision to step down from his duties as the Minister of Justice after almost six months in the role, in order to pursue a non-partisan career in the legal profession working as the Supreme Judge of Essexia.

Former Minister of Justice Jacob M above

The former Justice Minister assumed the latter position on the 22nd January 2020, and during his time within the ministry, masterminded 2 acts of Parliament – the Legal Essexian Database Act 2020 as well as the Law Commission Act 2020. He organised the 2020 Legislative Review that saw the review of all current legislation in an attempt to improve existing law and ensure the compatibility of all legislation. He worked on this alongside his protege Harley C who is the Ministry of Justices’ junior minister. Jacob was seen to have guided Harley and helped him hone his ability to create and pass clear, effective and original legislation. The lessons taught to the junior minister will undoubtedly be the building blocks for Harley’s ambition of a respected career in Essexian law. After Jacob’s time within the position was announced as over, many of his colleagues praised him for how he had shown a clear understanding of Essexian law and how to read, interpret and write legislation – more so than any of his predecessors.

His successor is set to be Harley C, the current Junior Minister under the Justice Ministry. Harley has had limited experience in the Justice department, having only overseen the creation of one solo act of Parliament – Brothels Act 2020 – which legalises the use of brothels within Essexia under heavy regulations. Alongside his statutory contributions, the Junior Minister helped to create the digital version of the Legal Essexian Database, as well subsequently maintaining it and keeping it up to date in order to store an accurate log of the current legislation within Essexia as well as any archived legislation that was previously in law but repealed for whatever reason. During Harley’s time in this position, he has worked very closely with Jacob and contributed lots of time to judicial matters. Harley also helped to create the aforementioned pieces of legislation – the Legal Essexian Database Act 2020 and the Law Commission Act 2020.

“The student becomes the master”

– First Minister

The new leadership of the Justice Ministry, assuming Harley gets the job, is seen in top Essexian circles as an opportunity for a fresh chapter for the department, after Jacob spent so long moulding the Justice ministry in his personal image. It could equally end in turmoil for department, seeing as the inexperienced junior minister has only ever worked in the shadows of his superiors, and is new to the Essexian scene.

Junior Minister Harley C

Jacob is set to move into the legal profession by assuming the role of Supreme Judge, replacing the former Honourable William, who will assume the position as Deputy Supreme Judge. This resulted from a deal struck between the Emperors office and the Supreme Court, in which the latter agreed to permit a change in the guard to pave way for the assembly of the Supreme Court on Essexian soil, which would have been impossible with the former Supreme Judge living in Texas.

This move of position takes Jacob out of the cabinet and into the legal world, where he will sit and listen to the most pressing cases. It is likely that he will preside over what some see as the Supreme Court’s most high profile case in the coming weeks, ‘I v Dean,’ in which Jack Dean, leader of the rebel faction that broke away from Essexia earlier in the week, is being tried for treason. Many people will be watching on and viewing this as a test of his abilities.

Some see this shift as unprecedented, seeing as there is no precedent for a former minister and Member of Parliament assuming the role of what is supposed to be the most impartial position in the county. His move away from partisan affiliation could also see him assume a position on the Essexian Law Commission, where he would review legislation and help scrutinise it during the committee stages of the bill. He has certainly already proved he has the necessary skill set to perform these tasks effectively, should he wish to embrace a path beyond what is already one of the highest offices in the Commonwealth.

Former Supreme Judge William

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