Ministry of Defence announces new projects and future schedules for current ones

Ministry of Defence announces new projects and future schedules for current ones

Greater Danbury – In a presentation earlier tonight marketed as the ‘November 2020 MoD Keynote’, the Minister of Defence, the Rt. Hon. Jack MP, announced both a number of new projects as well as the continuation of current programs.

Among the highlights were the long-awaited reforms to the enlistment of military manpower, a launch date for EAST’s next rocket in February 2021 and the creation of a program to develop, test and implement Essexia’s first domesticate, combat-capable aircraft.

The Keynote, which was presented to an audience of ranking military officials before being released publicly, set a path for the future of Essexia’s armed forces (The Imperial Essexian Navy and Imperial Army of Essexia) following a long period of inactivity, a result of the unprecedented measures implemented to curb the growth of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom and subsequently the Commonwealth of Essexia.

The JAFA Program was one of the notable highlights of the Presentation.

MoD Jack MP commented on the state of affairs and significance of the announcements, stating “These projects will ultimately put the Essexian armed forces back on track to becoming a capable and efficient fighting force, as well as a micronationally innovative scientific power”. It is therefore abundantly clear that the Ministry of Defence expects tonight’s keynote to be a sign of things to come: Progress, Reform and Innovation.

In addition to this treasure trove of information, Cormorant Aerospace Systems was quietly unveiled to the public and military alike – a private company tasked with overseeing the JAFA Program before it’s handed over to the armed forces for implementation. The MoD has stated that CAe Systems has already drawn up a 4-phase plan for the creation of it’s bid for the JAFA Program, the F-03A Heron.

However, unlike the launch of Essexia’s newest rocket developments or the implementation of it’s Joint Enlistment Register Database (JERD), the MoD did not announce any dates in regards to the JAFA Program or the Heron, just it’s basic specifications and significance to the defence of Essexia.

Another announcement was that the Battleship Muncey would be finalising its refit to an aircraft carrier, being launched sometime in December or January.

What will ultimately come of these announcements is yet to be seen, but if the MoD is able to stick to its deadlines, it appears that the armed forces of Essexia are to see a radical re-expansion for the first time in over a year.

Jack is the Minister of Defence, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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