October vibe check ft. The Emperor

October vibe check ft. The Emperor

This interview took place in socially distanced conditions between Matthew S MP and Emperor Terry (pictured above), on behalf of The Essexian Post. Contains strong language.

What’s poppin’ g?

Nothing much mate, sort of just vibing and shit, running a country takes up most of my time.

What do you make of the recent developments around COVID-19 in the UK?

I think that a circuit breaker lockdown is needed nationally, local lockdowns are only creating more division in the country. However, it is important to note that I am not an Epidemiologist.

Found a lover yet?

The only lover I need is the Essexian People.

Favourite TV show recently?

My favorite TV is and always will be Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, but if we only include TV’s airing at the moment, I would have to say ITV’s Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan, Monday to Wednesday.

Trump, Biden or Ye?

Biden, but I cannot vote in US elections because I (as far as I know) am not American. I feel for those who are forced to choose between those 3 options, however. One thing I must congratulate is the state of Maine introducing ranked-choice voting, which should allow people to choose between more candidates without damaging their preferred candidate in the 2 party system.

Today, Delhi and Islamabad both claim Kashmir in full, but control only parts of it – territories recognized internationally as “Indian-administered Kashmir” and “Pakistan-administered Kashmir”. Who do you think has a better claim to Kashmir and why?

China. Nicer flag.

Thanks for your time.

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