Shock Cabinet reshuffle in Essexia

Shock Cabinet reshuffle in Essexia

Greater Baddow – First Minister Ben H announced a shock reshuffle of the Essexian government today in what was an unprecedented intervention from the First Ministry.

Insider sources have confirmed that the decision was taken to remove the Rt Hon Matthew S from the Foreign Ministry without consultation from either him or the Imperial Residence – reportedly infuriating the Emperor.

As well as this, several other changes were made, including putting the Rt Hon Francis S in the Defence Ministry after his proposed reforms in the military commission earlier this month. Carolina E is also new to the Essexian cabinet, being given the Ministry of Culture, a choice that is likely due to her close friendship with Second Minister Jamie M. Ben S, a former MP and Justice Minister, was another victim of the purge and has been ejected from the cabinet making it the first time in three years he has not held any government office within the Commonwealth.

Francis Schrodinger now leads one of the biggest and most advanced militaries in the micronational community, and is the first non-British European to be a minister. He has a military background, and his hobby is shooting.

The biggest news however is the decision regarding the change of guard in the Foreign Office. The reason for the switch is largely unknown. Former First Minister Finn R had this to say;

You know, these kinds of reshuffles aren’t that uncommon. I did a few in my time, and they’re usually much less deep than the media suggests. I imagine this was a strategic move to put Jack at the helm of the foreign office before he assumes the Chairmanship of the GUM, which is looking likely from what I gather. It’s not really fair on Matthew, who I think was due to leave in a month anyway, but you can see why Ben did it.

It marks an end of an era for Matthew S, who has held the role since early 2019 – albeit with a brief pause when Jack took over during the failed military coup by Lord Commissar Jacob. The outgoing minister has spearheaded attempts to reinvent the countries image as professional and influential, with his most notable actions as Foreign Minister being the head of the Essexian delegation at the 2019 GUM Birmingham Summit, becoming Vice-Chair of the GUM, and being the first Essexian foreign minister to champion decolonisation – overseeing the independence of Poplar Nerva, the Empire of Slough, and the Funtime Republic from the Commonwealth of Essexia. Recently, however, he had embraced the admittance of a new nation into the Commonweath – Čechsexia – perhaps his most profound legacy in the role.

Matthew with Newton von Uberquie and Emperor Terry during a meeting in Chelmsford. It was one of his most notable achievements as Foreign Minister.

His successor is also an Essexian political heavyweight. A former First Minister, and Premier of former Essexian colony Poplar Nerva, Jack D has now assumed one of the most influential roles in the Commonwealth. It comes at a time when he is on course to win the Chairmanship of the GUM, and when Essexia and Poplar Nerva are negotiating a merger. Undoubtedly, he has a lot on his hands, and this has raised his power to new heights.  

Jack does have experience in the Foreign Ministry. He is pictured here, signing a treaty with Emperor Jonathan I of Austenasia.

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