The Parliament deadlock, explained

The Parliament deadlock, explained

Greater Danbury – No Bill or Act has been passed in almost a month. And it’s not necessarily because all the MPs are busy, or that Parliament has agreed to halt. No, it’s mostly because of a disagreement over who the Speaker should be.

How did it start?

On the 25th March 2021 (Which was over a month ago now), the Rt. Hon. Terri MP brought the Speaker of the House Reform Act 2021 to a vote. Of course, it didn’t pass due to a Constitutional issue with the Bill – that, by the way, required the combined efforts of further work by the Rt. Hon. Terri as well as the First Amendment to the Third Constitution by the Rt. Hon. Jack MP. But this is essentially where it all started.

Behind closed doors, a number of significant individuals in Essexia had agreed that they wanted a new Speaker of the House – one who wouldn’t be so easily influenced or biased or incompetent (as they saw it). As a result, an idea was born – why don’t we legislate to bring in an elected Speaker? Although slowed by the Constitutional issue, both the Amendment and the Bill had been passed by the 8th April 2021. That was, unfortunately, the last piece of written legislation that the Parliament has passed.

Why are we here?

Essentially, the Act was a tad rushed, and the outcome wasn’t properly discussed by the whole Parliament. And you know what they say: ‘Rushed legislation is bad legislation’. We don’t need to look further than the UK’s Dangerous Dogs Act 1992 to see that. Therefore, Parliament has been half-assedly discussing how a new Speaker is elected.

There are a number of different individuals vying for the position, with very few people actually taking the lead to get the voting process underway. The Essexian would like to specifically thank the Rt. Hon. Joel MP/MCP for his efforts in trying to get Parliament to get the whole ugly mess out of the way.

How soon will this mess get sorted?

It’s looking more and more likely that the voting will begin this week, with a result possibly next week. This is because the method that Parliament should go about electing a speaker has essentially been sorted. Now, they just need to get it going. It’s been suggested and somewhat agreed that First Minister Newton, as Father of the House, should begin the proceedings. If he does so, then we can throw this mess behind us and get the legislation machine rolling!

Of course, it’s still possible that it’s another month before everything is concluded, there’s a new Speaker, and everyone’s calmed down about it.

In the end, who knows really? All we want, however, is for both Parliament, and the government, to do their jobs!

Jack is the Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, and a previous First Minister of Essexia.

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