This week in Essexia—A new minimum wage, rocket, and vote of no confidence

This week in Essexia—A new minimum wage, rocket, and vote of no confidence

Greater Baddow—Essexia has found itself busy this week with varying different affairs.

International condemnations

After a few quiet days, on Wednesday the First Minister brought us the unexpected announcement that the Commonwealth was to condemn the state of Uganda over its recent elections. He had this to say.

It is a shame to see such undemocratic practices in a country full of potential, but it is the unfortunate reality that has been perpetrated by Yoweri Museveni who has now ‘won’ his sixth term in yet another violent and authoritarian election. Bobi Wine has acted as a very capable politician, and admiral person in general, and shall have my full support. Despite two arrests and those around him being beaten senseless by the current regime, he has struggled against adversity to bring stability and democracy to Uganda.

Such a condemnation is rare and is the first instance where a First Minister has taken such a measure. The last time Essexia had issued a condemnation was last November when the Rt. Hon Matthew MP motioned in Parliament to formally condemn the Indian and UK governments over their roles in the 1984 Sikh Massacre. You can read more about the Ugandan condemnation here.

Reaching new heights

On Thursday, EAST (the Essexian space agency led by Mr. Adam F.) brought us the news that the Empire of Aenopia and Commonwealth of Essexia came together and agreed to form an organisation that would include each nation’s space agencies, to be known as the IAC.

A visual illustration of the Epstein IV

It incorporates a number of projects including the Starless IV rocket and Helliwell Awyren 5 of Aenopia, and the Epstein Mk.IV rocket and JAFAP/F-3A Heron from Essexia. It aims to make the progress of all of these programs more public and reported, whilst advancing their development through cooperation.

It was also announced on the EAST Twitter account that the launch of the Epstein Mk.IV rocket was still set to take place in February despite coronavirus restrictions, which will make it the first rocket launch in Essexian territory in over a year. You can read more about this here.

Government faces trouble in Parliament

Saturday evening brought us another unexpected event—a vote of no confidence. Proposed by the Leader of the Opposition, Rt Hon. Newton MP, the motion sought to bring down First Minister Ben’s government, with Newton saying—

It is painfully obvious that this government has no agenda to commit to, and in the week following the cabinet reforms, we have heard nothing from the government. The only way for our nation to have sufficient leadership under the Emperor is with an active and dedicated First Minister. I do not have confidence that the Rt. Honorable Ben is this leader.

Ben has been FM since 11th September 2020. Here he is pictured being sworn in by the Emperor.

The VNC met strong resistance in Parliament, with government MP’s Rt Hon. Jack Dean and the Rt. Hon Jamie M issuing this defence—

With all due respect, the First Minister released a statement just a few days ago; he’s been particularly active in progressing the success of EAST; he’s put considerable effort into Foreign Relations in hosting the GUM server; and he’s had many commitments to contend with, as with many of us. Whilst it’s true that this nation is recovering from yet another period of relative inactivity compared to previous activity, it is in no way the First Minister’s fault. You must ask yourself, how active have you, or any MOs for that matter, been in the past few months?

The move by the Greens faced further attack when Progressive Worker MP Harley C called the move “just dumb,” making the success of the motion unlikely.

Following further statements from the Royalist Party, and even former MP Finn R who urged people to “Stay true to the path,” the motion was defeated in Parliament with 4 Aye’s, 6 Nay’s, and 1 abstain.

A statement from the Royalist leader, Jack Dean.

It seems the government has narrowly avoided a humiliating defeat, just 3 weeks before Parliament is set to dissolve before the 2021 general election.

Minimum wage finally introduced

As the week drew to a close, lobbyists from the Essexian Workers’ Congress asked the Green Party to introduce long-needed minimum wage legislation, to ensure all Essexian workers receive a fair base wage.

The bill, which can be read here, received cross-party support and is the first Act since the Coal and Transportation Act which goes some way in advancing workers’ rights and protections.

While there are not any workers in Essexia currently on a full-time contract, various past projects such as the construction of Thurnell Bridge, and military expeditions, had been criticised for not paying workers involved a fair wage. In the case of the 2019 Sandon military expedition – no wage was paid to the 18 soldiers involved at all.

The new legislation will ensure that employees will now receive an hourly minimum remuneration of ¥50 (Essexian Yen)—equivalent to £10.

The 2019 Sandon Military parade.

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