This week in Essexia—resignations, organising elections, a charity fundraiser, cabinet meetings, and the Trinovantes

This week in Essexia—resignations, organising elections, a charity fundraiser, cabinet meetings, and the Trinovantes

Greater Baddow – Essexia has seen another week of activity with various events unfolding throughout the week. Perhaps the most unprecedented event was the resignation of Interior Minster and MP Jamie M. from all his public offices in Essexia.

Fundraising for charity

Essexia started the week by raising over $200 for charity following a Parliament endorsed effort to raise money to help in contributing to the global fight against COVID-19.

So far, the fundraiser has accrued $215, or £155 – with donations ranging from £5 to £20. Including the family of Hawarden, over 17 Essexian citizens have kindly donated – helping Essexia do its part to honour Captain Tom and fight the pandemic.

The fundraiser, which was set up by Parliament on Tuesday, was established following the death of Captain Sir Thomas Moore. The Captain Sir Thomas Moore Act was passed in his honour, mandating that the Essexian government organise a one-off charity fundraiser with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross, a charity which is helping to provide relief in the wake of the pandemic.

Resignation of Jamie M.

Sunday morning brought us the resignation of the Rt Hon. Jamie M from Parliament following a personal dispute with the Emperor.

Jamie (red shirt) at the Danbury Conference in 2019

Jamie, who also resigned his post from the Interior Ministry, had been an Essexian MP for almost 2 years, and had led his party to landslide victories in two successive general elections. He was one of the most active contributors to the micronation, having held many cabinet offices including the First Ministry over the years, as well as spearheading Essexian archival reforms.

While the exact events leading up to his departure cannot be revealed, it is presumed that it relates to an ongoing personal dispute between himself and the Emperor. Jamie told the Essexian Post that he might return to contest in the 2021 general election—however, his personal popularity and approval within Essexia has plummeted in recent weeks, making it difficult to imagine he’d be able to pull off another huge victory.

First Minister Ben Hinton announced that Jamie’s replacement in the Interior Ministry was to be Chief Data Controller Matt Gilbert, an up and coming political force in Essexia. This promotion to one of the most powerful positions in the nation is sure to bolster his reputation.

Cabinet meeting

Cabinet convened formally this afternoon for the first time since May last year to discuss the direction of Essexia as it comes out of the coronavirus lockdown.

The televised meeting, which can be viewed here, saw all 10 Cabinet members (with the exception of the Justice Minister) give briefings on the activities within their departments. Also present were the Supreme Justice, the Emperor, and Prince James.

The Cabinet resolved to formally move the date of the general election to May 1st, 2021, as well as organise three by-elections to occur on March 1st. One of these was intended to fill the vacant seat of Jamie M, and another to fill the soon-to-be-vacant seat of James Frisch, who is set to resign for personal reasons. The final by-election will be in the Cechsexian constituency seat, to give all Cechsexians a say in their representative who was provisionally appointed last month by Emperor Terry.

Successors to the Trinovantes

In what might be his last act in his brief tenure as MP, James Frisch brought to the floor a proposal that would see Essexia formally claiming itself as the spiritual successors to the nation of the Trinovantes.

The Trinovantes were one of the Celtic tribes of pre-Roman Britain. Their territory was on the north side of the Thames estuary in current Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk, and included lands now located in Greater London. They were bordered to the north by the Iceni, and to the west by the Catuvellauni. The Trinovantes participated in Boudica’s revolt against the Roman Empire in 60 AD.

Citing the similarities between the goals of both Essexan nations, MPs supported the notion. Some drew parallels between the Trinovantes and Essexia—both of whom sought to end the occupation of Essex from their overlords in the British Isles. Furthermore, as the Rt Hon Matthew S commented,

The name Trinovantes possibly derives from the Celtic intensive prefix “tri-” and a second element which was either “novio” – new, so meaning “very new” in the sense of “newcomers”, but possibly with an applied sense of vigorous or lively ultimately meaning “the very vigorous people”. If not for the legacy of the Trinovantes as champions of resistance and freedom, then this name alone should convince us to adopt this claim—as we embody the spirit of the Trinovantes as both newcomers, and very vigorous people.

The motion passed later in the evening—with Emperor Terry stating “this is a great moment for our nation as we honour our ancestors, our cultural history, and those Essexans that came before us seeking to make our country free from tyrannical rule. Long live the Commonwealth!”

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