Three by-elections triggered for the Essexian Parliament

Three by-elections triggered for the Essexian Parliament

Greater Baddow – Following the resignations of Jamie M., James Frisch, and Joel N. – three by-elections are set to occur in Parliament on the 1st March.

The resignations of James Frisch and Joel N. were not unexpected. Both had been provisionally appointed as MP’s to fill vacant seats until March when the general election was scheduled to take place. Seeing as this has now been postponed to May, both committed to obeying the terms of their appointment and resigned, allowing for a by-election to take place for a national seat, and the Čechsexian constituency seat.

Jamie’s resignation was more unprecedented and followed a personal dispute with the Emperor.

Jamie (red shirt) at the Danbury Conference in 2019

Jamie, who also resigned his post from the Interior Ministry, had been an Essexian MP for almost 2 years, and had led his party to landslide victories in two successive general elections. He was one of the most active contributors to the micronation, having held many cabinet offices including the First Ministry over the years, as well as spearheading Essexian archival reforms.

While the exact events leading up to his departure cannot be revealed, it is presumed that it relates to an ongoing personal dispute between himself and the Emperor. Jamie told the Essexian Post that he might return to contest in the 2021 general election—however, his personal popularity and approval within Essexia has plummeted in recent weeks, making it difficult to imagine he’d be able to pull off another huge victory.

When will the by-elections be?

The by-elections will take place on the 1st of March 2021, and polls open at 8am, and will close at 10pm.

Anyone who is a citizen of Essexia or Čechsexia can vote in the two nation-wide by-elections, however, only Čechsexian’s will be able to vote in the Čechsexian constituency seat.

Who is running?

So far, the two major parties – the Greens and Cooperatives, and the Royalist Party – have both announced that they will field candidates for the two national seats, with their choices to be made known soon. The Weeabo Rights Party has said that they plan on contesting for at least one seat. It’s also expected that the Rico Party will run again in some form, and Matthew Yu-Xia has similarly signaled intent to run as an independent.

In the Čechsexian by-election, only incumbent Joel N. has said he’ll run for the seat again, and there’s a good chance he will not face opposition.

How do I run?

First, you have to be a citizen of either Essexia or Čechsexia. You can apply for this on the Essexian government’s website.

If you’re already a citizen, then you have to give notice to the Electoral Committee of your intention to run before the 26th of February. You can run either as an independent or create your own party.

To contact the Electoral Committee, you can either email [email protected] , or contact the Interior Ministry on the Essexian Discord Server.

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